Who to give my telescopes?

I have Vela, Missandra, Richard and Finley. My current line up Wu Kong(waiting on darts for joon), Riguard, sonya, zeline and Red Hood. who should I give my telescopes to first?


My vote for finley bro!


Finley doesn’t play nice with Wu but he’s probably the strongest of the bunch. I would ascend Finley first, then Vela


Finley for def team. Vela for offense


Finley would be my go to for scopes and in fact was and I have never regretted it.

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Vela or Finley - can’t go wrong


In my honest opinion, I would focus on Finley first. You will not be disappointed.
Then go Vela and then Missandra and then Richard
Good luck


Finley then Vela. Both are amazing heroes

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finley then vela afterwards, wukong is a nonbo with him, but hes a absolute unit

Can I hijack this thread for a second? I pulled Fenrir and Finley recently.

I don’t know what to do. :man_shrugging:t2:

After POV I’ll have 6 scopes.

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To start with:

What is the rest of your bench like?

Finley is one of the best two or three heros in my book, seeing as he destroys me quite often. Don’t have a solid read on fenrir yet.


Wait Raffael on june… :sweat_smile:
Both are great, flip coins or look at which emblem that does not very conflict with your rest heroes.


Fully Ascended blues, Magni, Ariel (on defence), Miki, Frida.

At 3.70 Vela, Fenrir, Richard, Aegir

Unleveled Finley, King Arthur, Snow White.

Not sure I would replace Ariel on my defence, but would likely use Fenrir when raiding. But I also know that Finley is a beast on defence. I’m probably over thinking it. I figure I’ll get more scopes and I can’t really go wrong.

This is what my defence looks like at current.

You really can’t go wrong. You have some solid choices in Finley, Vela, and Fenrir. Not to mention Arthur and Snow White.

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Never enough scopes is the issue I’m having. Oh well. It’s the AM the game won’t cough up freely.

With those, I would do Finley first. He’ll push your Titan hits through the roof while also increasing your firepower in Raids.

I’m planning on Finley over Fenrir myself once I get the Scopes

I’d go finley all day every day

Bout the only part of the game he doesn’t excel at is world map

I’m findin raffael or whatever very underwhelming but hopin he improves

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I’ve been using Finley since his first appearance during the last pirates event. He’s an absolute beast, and was unrivaled until I got Vela - who outshined the critique this forum gave her and I consider her top-notch.

Still, Finley first.

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Finley… unless you want to gift him to me… second choice (like several others have noted already) would be vela.

you’ll enjoy him!

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