Who gets my Ranger emblems?

I just removed all my ranger emblems off Athena.

She was fun for awhile but I dont use her much anymore. Got about 9 or 10 levels of emblems to use.

Liana? Or Seshat?

Those are my two other options.

I mean, or Neith but… lol, Neith.

Seshat is probably a better hero than Lianna, but to my knowledge no hero does more 1 target damage than an emblemmed lianna. I havent regretted emblemming mine. I find when she charges, she will 1 hit kill almost every hero in alliance wars.

So I vote for Lianna


Took them off Athena?? I think that was a mistake.

I have both. Seshat is the better choice bc w her minions and emblems she’s one of the few heroes who can go 1vs3 and win. Once those minions get up and keep reproducing she can take a huge amount of damage and she hits nearly as hard as Lianna.

I have 3 maxed Lianna w costume and one had my emblems until I switched to Sesh. I don’t regret it at all.

This is doubly true if you have any of the green revivers and run green stacks - north and Alby can cover for Liannas fragility some of the time. Seshat doesn’t have backup like that.


I am actually gonna take emblems from Seshat and give them to Lianna with CB, because Lianna will make it to my war defense, and with Ursena on my team, I am not gonna put Seshat in war defense.

No question. Seshat. She has quite some unique abilities (go figure it out for yourself).

Lianna does damage but nothing more.Boring. Why need 1200 damage when 1000 would be sufficient?

And well don’t consider Neith too bad. You need to pair her with the right heroes.

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Out of those two? Lianna; Seshat is nasty but Lianna gives of her awesomeness without fear (and she is curiously attractive in a way… etc…) will deliver you one shot sweetness ( or so i believe or something like that, or so i have heard.

Fast Dispeller x3: priceless in the current meta.

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Who gets my Ranger emblems?



In my honest opinion, I would allocate the emblems to Seshat 100%. Get her to at least node 7
Good luck

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While Lianna does more damage she can’t compete with Seshat utility and sturdiness.
Think about us when your Seshat would win your battles as last undead standing.


I don’t own Seshat but Kingston had been a mainstay in my team replacing Lianna.
Lianna stay at +11 due to no other worthy hero though.
I vote for Seshat as she is more versatile and sturdier than Lianna. Not to mentioned the protecting minions.

Thank you all for the advice. It looks like most think Seshat. I appreciate all your opinions.

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Depends on how you play, of course. I have both and went with Seshat absolutely. Lianna coasts on her Season 1 rep as the hardest single hitter. That was a long time and a dozen HOTMs ago. Without Evelyn’s elemental down or at least a costume, she’s just not a big deal anymore.

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