Emblems to Lianna or Seshat, Delilah, Magni or Poseidon?

Hi all,
I feel a little lost how i Should think. I use all of them every day raiding…

Input please…

For me, it’s about how and when I use them and if they have any apparent weak spots/strengths I want to work with. Also, it varies a bit between the classes how useful the talents are.

@Gryphonknight gave me excellent advice when I first started pondering this, and I have basically stuck to it.

I put the bulk of emblems on key heroes, but grant other important characters a node if useful. For example, I have Kunchen as my tank or left flank and he’s +6, but Elk is my only option for green 5* on def so he got +1 for manashield (comes in handy on offense too as I stack him against Alasie).

Are all of the above in your def? Have you noticed areas that need improvement/where they excel, that you want to amend or enhance?

(Och whyy har de döpt om Hansel till Hans…)


You wrote you use all of them every day. Good --> emblems on most used heroes. Plus heroes used on Raid/War defense get emblems too. Then you have to look for colours --> 10 classes, 2 per colour would be fine…

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If the choice is between Seshat or Lianna and their usages are approximately equal, I’d favor Seshat. This is because you have Evelyn, so in a green stack charging Evelyn + Lianna = probably a kill, even without emblems. If that’s true, then you don’t need to emblem Lianna to further her attack.

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Thanks for reply! Hans Is Swedish :wink:

I went for Seshat, Like u wrote, most of the time When she goes out she bring Eve… :slight_smile:

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