Share or not to share emblems?

I have Seshat and Athena who both use ranger emblems. I’m hoping to get Lianna in the future so do you think I should equally share emblems between the 3 good heros or is it best to pick you favourite max or almost max before moving on to the next hero?

In general is it best to share emblems with really good heros?

Fwiw, I emblemed Lianna a little, and stopped once I got Seshat. This was way back when Seshat was the HOTM.

In terms of Athena vs Seshat, I’ve been told by a reliable source that Seshat is useable without emblems.

I don’t have Athena but, in a vacuum, I’d prioritise embleming her first to almost max (since she is a first generation HOTM, and therefore needs the stat boost more than Seshat IMHO).

Finally, no I’m not in favour of splitting up emblems. However, it depends on your roster, and whether you’d use any of them on your war defence.

Personally I am going to wait and find out more about Limit Breakers before I decide who gets emblems in the future. Or who I reset. I am just not sure yet what the best way forward is with emblems.

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I think it also depends a lot on where you are in the game. If you’re like me and still building your roster, I’d say to split them. For me it has worked quite well so far (6 months player, three maxed 5* heroes and 14 4* heroes, already in the diamond league, though I don’t know if I will be able to maintain myself there at the moment).

I split my emblems between them and also my 3*. It helps to reach 1-10% in the tournaments.

If you have an already developed roster, you can focus on building “super” teams in which the heroes are maxed. This being said, as it was mentioned above already, it does not hurt to see what is happening with the limit breakers

Since I don’t have a legendary ranger ideal for defense like Finley, etc., I share my ranger emblems to Lianna with MCB, a 2nd Lianna costume equipped, Seshat, Evelyn and Khagan with MCB (slow), all at +7, while my Athena and Gregorion, both average, are both at +8, opting for the mana bonus at the 8th node for them to be supported by only a level 17 mana troop for them to charge their specials in 9 favorable tiles. Some of my ranger emblems are with Buddy, Tiburtus with MCB, 2 Poppys, Sudri, etc.

My idea is to create a decent and equally strong army of heroes, not an army of heroes where there are too strong due to them being highly/fully emblemed while the rest of the heroes easily die because they have too few or no emblems at all.


i have yet to get any 5* hero beyond 7 nodes on the talent tree. my raid defense maintains Diamond arena level, and my war defenses (if i’m not experimenting or trying something outlandish because i just don’t have the Friggs, Odins, Beras, Freyas, 5* ninjas, etc.) do reasonably well under the circumstances. that 125 emblem cost of node 8 and 300 emblem cost of nodes 8, 9, and 10 just make me think i could get a lot more out of 300 emblems on another hero or heroes.

i also strongly believe in embleming 3* and 4* heroes because the resulting stat boosts as a percentage of base stats have a much bigger effect on them.

if you have to prioritize, i would say to factor in your play style. i emblem 3* and 4* heroes because i want to compete well in tournaments and challenge events. i do bring out the 3* heroes for war every so often, and i also use a bunch of 4* especially in Rush Attack. i spread my emblems among the heroes that see the most use, generally speaking.

Evelyn and Lianna are a mainstay for me, very few heroes can stand against her Nature defense down and an arrow from Lianna. Just a thought…

I don’t have Seshat, but of Athena and Lianna, I completed Athena (to +18) first, even though when I got her, Lianna was already at +7, and now at +17.

The reason is simple, I make use of Athena on every titan, and many raids where I bring in blue stacks. I’ll bring in Lianna for green stacks, but I get more use out of Athena.

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