Who Gets Emblems: Hel Vs Anzogh, Ursena vs Mitsuko

Ursena and Mitsuko seem very similar to me based on their reflect special skill. But Mits mana reductions seems to like it would pair much better with the sorcerer’s special skill and make her more usefully around. So would be Mits, right?

As far as who’d I’d use more, Mits is currently on my defense teams (may replace with Anzogh as he’s my only 5* healer) and of course titan teams. Userna, (not leveled yet) is planed for titian teams and potential as my war team tank (still deciding between her and Hel as tank).

Hel is one of the best characters in the game, or so I hear. But for my team, I have no 5* healers beside Anzogh. The jinx ability seems like it would pair awesome with Anzogh’s healing ability, as long as the enemy has a buff.

Again as for as who would be used more, I think both may be use frequently. But depends on who wins out on the defense teams between Hel and Ursena and Mits vs Anzogh.

Am I worrying to much about pairing with the special skill over just upping the stats for the hero?

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He is not really a healer

Stick with bt or rigard maybe?

2 ways to look at your team.

Survival or kill faster.

Hel vs Anzogh - choose Hel anyday

Ursena vs Mitsuko - IMO, Mitsuko for the mana cut

Honestly, I’d forgo a healer and just use a 4* one until you get a decent 5* healer, rather than passing on embleming up one of the best heroes in the game for a subpar one [in comparison]. Hel should be first for emblems, definitely.

As for your sorcerer dilemma, well that depends. Ursena would be better offensively, whereas Mitsuko would be better defensively. Although, the mana cut on Mitsuko makes her have a little more utility than Ursena. This one [for me], is basically a coin toss; I don’t think you could go wrong with either.

I’d go with Mitsuko, if you decide to go with Hel, and want to somehow work a full rainbow team in there.


Hel & Mitsuko without doubt

Anzogh is decent not worthed for Emblem if you got Hel/Sartana/Zeline/Guin etc etc
Ursena and Mitsuko got similar skill for Special Reflect , but Mitsuko Mana Cut is better for offensive and defensive. Ursena damage is quite low and extra damage if > 50% didnt help with her average mana. Utility > Damage , if you want damage better use Sartana/Phanter/Domitia than Ursena

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