First World Problem. Help me with sorcerer emblems

I run this defense set up:

And this is my Ursena

I think shes already very powerful. But she can go stronger. Shes on my defense, and though defense is not my priority is a good excuse to keep feeding Ursena with emblems.

Which is the problem? Im working on Mitsuko. Though shes not going to be on my def team(i think) shes so useful and powerful that im thinking about start saving emblems for her.

Should i stop Ursena to save emblems for mits? Should i unlock more nodes in Ursena?

Another sorcerer that need emblems is Almur, but Ursena is soaking all the emblems at the moment.

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I own Mitsy myself, my wife has Ursena, and from having a chance to see both in offense action I lean slightly more towards Ursena as the better sorcerer. Her damage is straight up high and she is also useful against yellow titans.

I would take Ursena to +18 at least myself, I see no reason not to myself.


I would definitely do Ursena first. With the increased chances of getting emblems, you could work on Mitsuko probably early next year


Thank you Folks.

@DaveCozy did you follow the attack path on Mitsuko?

@RandAlThor Is it still a clever move to spare some emblems to Almur having those two monster of 5☆? I ask because i use almur vs blue titans. Mitsuko usage for now will be PVE, Wars and raids.

The good thing is that my alliance faces 9* and 10* tt so almur can bare two hits at least

So far mostly following defense so she can live longer and fire more reliably:

I did take Crit+attack though over healing+defense but that’s cuz the healing node isn’t worth much



I don’t have Ursena, but I have Mistuko. Here’s her:

And this is her talent tree:

Though I agree with @DaveCozy that Ursena is a better sorcerer, what I don’t like about her is that she seems unable to kill if the enemy has less than 50% health, but deals massive damage if the health is over 50% but still wont be able to kill either. I love facing Ursena tanks in raids and in wars I am craving of octopus sushi. Yummy…

Mitsuko on the other hand deals fixed damage to 3, apart from the mana reduction. Unemblemed, she is already beefy, that is why I prioritized sword path on her talent tree. I am working on my 2nd Mits who will get emblemed on the shield path.


thanks for sharing :slight_smile: Gives me insight into what I may do next.

For me taking the remaining two swords would be 776 attack, 817 Def, 1565 HP.

If I follow the shields instead though, it’s 741 Attack, 856 Defense, 1565 HP.

Not sure if the extra attack at this point seems worth it since I don’t rely on her to kill really. But this is helpful for comparison and food for thought… :slight_smile:


Just a reference,… I don’t have Mitsuko, I plan to emblem her to +20, and I would plan to balance choose defense in 19th node, because she is currently my AW tank. And I can’t wait mana troop to lvl 23 (too long to wait), so I just need her go to +20, and use mana troop lvl 11, to charge 9 tiles.


Don’t have Mitsuko, so Ursena is happily gobbling up all sorcerer emblems. Even if I did have Misty though, my personal philosophy is if there’s an emblem conflict, the hero I plan on using in my raid/war defense gets priority. Most 5* at 4/80 with maybe a few exceptions do well enough without emblems if just using them for offense.

If you have Wilbur/Aegir, I wouldn’t even think about embleming Almur since those two will very nicely protect the whole team. Yes I do take Wilbur even to blue titans as I lack Aegir, it’s not ideal but he gets the job done. My alliance is also consistently fighting 9* titans with the occasional 10*.

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