Who do I level...?

I have 3 TT+DB and enough mats for a Purple, and Yellow, then 2-3/6 of other colors.
I have Kunchen and Onatel being leveled, but just pulled Ranvir…

My main team is: Joon, Evelyn, Frida, Hel, Boldtusk (I have maxed Khagan but rotated him out so I could have a healer still after maxing Frida to replace Kiril)

Other 5* that I have at R3: Lianna, Elena, Magni, Vivica, Leonidas

Other 5* at 1/1: Frida, lianna, Magni, Master Lepus

I got really lucky month of Frida

Any suggestions?

Watching … because I have some of these heroes

IMO, Ranvir is *5 version of Wu Kong. So if you know how functionality it is similiar.

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I have a Wu that is 4/24 he has been slowly leveled always ending up on the back burner.

Something that piqued my interest was Ranvir being a druid.

I had no interest in trying to get Ranvir, I just got incredibly lucky with 1 epic token after the last raid tourney

I’m for sure doing Kunchen, I should have mentioned that. I have a maxed proteus and cabin boy Peters also, which have more utility IMO than Onatel in raiding and they don’t mix well, though having Onatel maxed would make another war team pretty sweet.

That Ranvir though… ik he’ll be leveled up in time, I just don’t know if I should rush it, nor who I should focus on after Kun

It was gonna be Ona or Vivica but now Ranvir threw a wrench into me plans! Open to all thoughts from the community

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Kunchen and Ranvir both are different color, you can both ascend.

What is R3? Tier 3? So you mean Vivica at 3.70?

Onatel and Vivica are yellow. You already have Kunchen and Onatel leveled, so either Vivica or Leonidas or Ranvir?
For me if you already have Wu Kong, I think Viv or Leonidas is good choice. I prefer Vivica. Ranvir can wait.
Also other people can give more advices.


Yes, sorry! Here are my main 6 teams

Nice rosters, and good rainbow plan for leveling heroes.
Are those per team is also your rainbow team attack for raid/farm/titan/war ? just curious.

Onatel, Vivica and Ranvir are all best.
For me, stacking color is important, and also choose strong color againts opponent, and avoid using hero color that has reflect color on opponent (on event / rare titan).

So based on your rosters, you do not have healer on yellow. So vivica is worth priority.

But thats just my opinion.
I do not have all those heroes, maybe others can have more advices.

EDIT: I though Onatel has already leveledup, so yes Onatel first, then Vivica.

If it was me I would be looking to level up:


I just got Ranvir too recently and I’m trying to level him up as fast as possible. He is like a 5 star Wu but to me he is way better. He has really good attack and defense and has a regular attack to go along with the attack buff and he is fast mana. I think he would be great for offensive teams because if you don’t want take a chance with the attack buff, you can just attack someone who has less HP to avoid it.

I’m facing similar dilemma! I got joon & inari fully levelled . Now have 6 darts… dont know who to give ranvir or vivica ? And also I got elkanen & Evelyn fully levelled . So who to give my 6 tonics to- mad hatter or lianna? Thanks in advance for the advice :slight_smile:

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