Who complements a Tyr setup?

Looking at my roster, I am planning on ascending Fenrir, and Neith or Malosi if I get him. I also will be fully ascending Telly. Who would complement a Tyr flank the best? Left or right doesn’t matter. Considering him on Wing too but he doesn’t have that sniper damage and I feel getting his resurrect off is more important.

Marie overwrites his resurrect so I’m hesitant to use her. Thoughts?


I might suggest now:
Kingston -> Ariel -> Ursena -> Ranvir -> Tyr

Future maybe:
Tyr -> Fenrir -> Telluria -> Freya -> Neith / Ranvir

Malosi really isn’t much use on defence:

Worth noting
As much hype as there is about Telly as a tank, I personally lothe Ursena more… Telly isn’t that bad when there isn’t a really strong Blue flank to punish a red-stack (Read Vela or Athena)

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