Neith, Malosi, Sir Roostley walk into a bar

Alright all you probably know the drill. Looking at which hero to level all the way. Don’t have the darts yet, but I’m close enough to start planning.
In addition I have C-Joon and Drake and Guin already fully leveled and emblemed as my other yellow options.
I have a pretty full bench in other colors as well. So essentially I’m trying to figure out which one might add some benefit.
Neith is where I am leaning since she hits everyone and has a nice couple of statuses to add. Roostley can potentially hit everyone depending on the chain working out and a pretty decent atk stat. Malosi has the vfast speed and status/stacking blocking but only hits one. I don’t really need power so the secondary effects are key considerations.

Anyway, would love to hear any thought and thanks in advance!

Ok so u have c.joon and drake for the blind and guin for mana drain. So that takes away from nieth. Roostly seems nice potentially but maloosi with the speed and block which helps against all the telly tanks. I would say he is ur best choice. Plus elemental link increases ur crit chance.


Good point on the blind and mana drain being with other heroes… hadn’t considered that. Nor had I thought about the increase in crit chance… hmmm… Malosi is looking a little better…

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I like @Duckman4903 reasoning BUT

I am gonna say Roostley. Just cause he hits hard and the chain attack is interesting

My reasoning is nowhere near as sound, I just like the idea of an offensive rooster (or maybe another word for rooster) :slight_smile:

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I’d say Malosi with Telluria looming and DOT heroes like Grave/Vela/upcoming Clarissa heavily utilized. All status effects are blocked by this guy!

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Malosi could have less impact than Neith on your attacks but he will be likely to fire way more than her!
You could boost his attack and make a decent tag team with G. Jackal (if you have him) for your war hits or his defense and HP to let him soak up more damage and preventing your team to get weakened / your targets to be empowered by buffs for a longer time.


Def > HP > Atk to the left, Atk > Def > HP to the right


Thanks @FraVit93. I’ve decided I will take Malosi all the way, but Im struggling to decide on what emblem path. I have loads of emblems as I don’t have GM, BK or Kage. Normally I think Barbarians would be attack path, but in this case Malosi is more a utility hero and so might benefit for from a defensive path?

I think it depend on your other heroes, he pairs well with G. Jackal by following the attack path as they share the same element and special speed but otherwise his damage isn’t stellar as he only hit one target.

Even without G. Jakal by having more attack he would still be useful for tile damage, so even if he wouldn’t greatly benefit from it with his 300% damage to a single target he could always help getting the job done :slight_smile:

Mine will follow the sword’s path.

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Roostley looks interesting at first glance… But look at it a bit more and not so great.

At average mana, you’ll be lucky to fire before tank drops.
So you’ll hit 2 for 280% at average mana… At that point, you’re better off with White Rabbit or Drake with similar damage, useful secondary effects (instead of a self handicap) and fast mana.

He’s seriously cool, just sadly not that useful in practice :frowning:

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Thanks for all the great replies so far. Malosi is looking more and more like a contender for my next set of darts. Just got him and Roostley so I’ll take them both to 3:70 and have a chance to try them out more. I’m glad the emblems were mentioned though. Right now GM is getting all my Barbarian emblems so it will be a while before Malosi sees any.

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