What do you think of this defensive build, kinda strange

Hello guys,

What do you think of this raid defensive build?
Assume everything is levelled up and emblemmed since we are theorycrafting.
Generally what I was thinking when I was building that is - telly tank(generally strong, provides HOT instead of big instant heal, also slows opponents and minion which acts as heal but doesnt count as one), freya provides defense as well as minion(heal), tyr is able to dish damage and revive himself. To sum up - these 3 can be on low health and still be on the board because they are backed with defense and minions and revive. And here is where ranvir comes into play. Since he is a wing he will fire when everyone is damaged but my team will have defense and minion walls, so when he fires - everyone will benefit from him as well as being relatively tanky due to minions and HOT.

Do you think this could work?

That setup has potential, although I’d switch Alice and Freya - that way if they stack red vs your tank, one of your flanks is strong against it.

I’d also look at other possibilities for Ranvir’s spot. He can be a force on attack, but he’s pretty underwhelming on defense.

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Dump Ranvir and Tyr from your defense.

I’ve found Freya has good synergy with Tell in my raids, I’m considering ascending her myself. Once I get to 12 tabards, it’ll be her or dupe Seshat.

I’m leveling Tyr now but from others who have been using him, he’s negligible on defense.

As for Ranvir, I’m so relieved didn’t give him darts. He’s absolutely such a waste of roster space if for no other reason than there is a free Wu Kong.

Yeah, i know that these 2 dont work very well on defense (ranvir and tyr) but in this setup do you think this team could get me far? Since they synergize very well with eachother.

Just having Freya Tell Alice plus any two should keep you in diamond.

Frankly, that’s all you want for your defense.

I’ve replaced Tell with naked Sif tank to invite more raids. Still keeps me in diamond but usually I have several revenge options to pick the easiest ones with the most ham.

I’ve maxed ranvir, he sees more play time then quite a few of other heroes I’ve maxed :man_shrugging:

As for your defense idea, ranvir seems to be best with AOE type hitters… which tell is, but doesn’t hit hard enough to make him a solid fit here… the theory that you laid out is nice, but not how normal raids vs tell go, if she’s putting up minions and freya is firing as well… the only one that will likely have low health would be tell, maybe… which means you’d be heavily relying on minion damage and weak snipes to kill a team off. Can it work… of course it can, I just wouldn’t bank on that synergy. Anyway, good luck!

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Thank you for you analysis, it was just an idea of mine. I want to stay in top charts for cups but unfortunately lack vela and gravemaker so i guess its not possible

The only folks that stay at the top of the charts are those with very high troops, very high emblems, close to meta defenses and are online all the time. (yes, there are exceptions to this rule obviously). I wouldn’t worry too much about the leaderboard, just build yourself a solid team that keeps you in diamond and you’re all set. The more important defense is your war defense, and based on the emblems I see you having right now, you can’t really afford to have 2 of the same class in your defense (freya and ranvir), so ranvir is the odd one out here and can / should be replaced eventually by someone like joon if you have him.


Thank you for the tip!!

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