Cleric emblem conundrum

So having a bit of a debate with my alliance, I have a rigs +18 and I’ve recently maxed my ariel.

Do I reset rigs and give ariel the emblems now, she is +1 soon to be +2

My argument is that rigs is basically a 5* healer now, and it’s better to have multiple 5* healers if possible

Or as ariel is in my def, would a +8/9 ariel be the better option?

As a point of reference, I also have Mel +17 and sab +14, so both approaching 5* esque stats

Help me out. I don’t have a reset token currently, so won’t reset rigs until I do, but I’d like to here ppls opinions in the meantime. Thanks in advance

Keep them on Rigs and put further emblems to Ariel. Rigs is a top candidate for emblems and Ariel will gain talent in the future.

Imo it’s a better strategy to have a deep roster than a highly talented def, which will be beaten by weaker teams no matter how talented the team is.

Visit here to see what I mean.

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I know every team can be beaten, and in your raid mn was God like(she makes awful porridge thou).

But I’ve seen ariel at +6 and her stats really do start getting crazy high.

As well as the fact def teams are starting to get beastly with emblems, unlike offensive teams that don’t yet have the punch because it’s unlikely your stacks are all emblem’d up

Working across multiple classes works well for rainbow def but we all know the offensive meta is stacking not rainbow

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I was faced with a similar situation, when I maxed Kunchen, I reset emblems on Rigard and dumped all on Kunchen, not that I regretted the action.,

But for now any emblem on any of my heroes will stay, since emblems are here to stay and we will be fishing for them for long time to come, I will rather start emblem on another hero, than any reset; that is more reason why I’ll choose carefully and give emblems to only heroes that are extremely useful to my play.

For instance, I have emblems on Proteus to enhance his survivability and also increase his tile damage, but now I have Hel almost max, I will rather start a new emblem train on Hel than strip Prot. Besides, both can be used similarly and also differently.

I hope, this helps in your decision.

I’ve been thinking about this too as I’m one tabard away from Kunchen going to T4 and Rigard has all the emblems. Personally, I like the depth that a boosted Rigard provides so I’m going to keep feeding him the emblems.

Same situation… I have Rigard+11. But got Kunchen to 2-60 and am working Ariel 3-35 up to max. When Ariel maxes I’ll have to decide as well.

Right now I’m saving all Cleric Emblems (41) to put on Ariel when she Maxes, so by then it should be a +1 or +2.

My current thinking is that I’ll keep Rigard at +11, though I’d really like to get him to +12 just for the extra 7% mana shield.

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