Which yellows to max out

I have 13 darts. Pulles HofM so taking to 3 70.

Which 2 yellows do I max?

Personally, I’d do Uraeus, and save the rest of the darts.

For me, it’s a toss up between Rana and Uraeus. The latter may deal huge damage to a single enemy, but the former reduces more total HP since she hits the target and nearby, and more so since she becomes a hit all hero if the target is right if they employ double or reverse double raid defense formation. And I am not yet including her DoT yet. Both are meta as one bypasses the minion shielding the enemy hero while producing minions to all yellow allies while the other deals sand damage over time.

Really depends on your playstyle.

I’d go Malosi nothing better than a V.Fast that blocks effects and stacks, very important skill to have

The only reason I didn’t say Malosi was, he already has 1 maxed. :slight_smile:

Uraeus, then I’d wait untill you have 10 darts again. After him I like Rana a little better than Bae Young. Only because Malosi does a lot better at stopping an enemy than Bae.


Didnt see that thank you. then yes Uraeus hes a beast and great on mono stack

Having just wasted my darts on Joon 3 weeks ago and then getting Ureaus, I have to say I feel cranky because Joon just can’t take 2 hits. (Same thing happened when I recently levelled Elkannen and then promptly got Bertila who is actually pretty useful.)

No emblems? I have same feel with Clarissa.

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Yeah, well, it is still Joon, one of the best classic snipers in the game. He’s still usable. He’ll get much better either by embleming him or getting his costume, or both. I was just lucky pulling his costume and Lianna’s on two successive pulls using free keys early last year. I have him and his costumed version maxed but without talent as my monk emblems are with Drake, Rana, Li Xiu with costume and other 4 and 3* heroes. My second Joon and his costume are both at 3/70 and may be invested with some of my 23 darts as my other alternatives are not that great, i.e. 3/70 Leonidas, 3/70 Vivica, etc. I want Uraeus too and will not hesitate spending darts on him as my 8th maxed yellow legendary instead of 2nd Joon and costume. He would fit in right with my monoyellow teams.

Yep. Along with Magni, they are the least bulky among the classic snipers

That’s why I hoard ascension mats instead of spending them to some of my heroes. Really wanted Leo and Viv’s costume.

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Clever person, I wish I had a brain.

Uraeus should be one of them as you do not have a yellow sniper and he is very strong.

Bai Yeong would be my second choice. His 75% miss is a game changer. The new Meta is AoE with insta kill! Bai Yeong stops heros like Odin, Frigg, Killhare, Cobalt, etc… You will find him very useful.


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