6 darts for 5*

I have only by yeong finished yellow 5 " hero. The other players yellow I have for level up is uaerus prof. Linderbrock and costume vivika. I have only 6 darts and mine defence is alberich+20 reuben+20 Richard+20 by yeong+10 and onyx+ 19. Help me guys. W ho should yellow level up.

I would prefer Uraeus, because of all the Minions…
Next should be the Prof.

Based on that defense, I think Uraeus will suit you best. He’s also great to use while rading.


Uraeus is only good, if you have mana troops.
Lindenbrock and C.Viv are both healers, and both good. But I think Lindenbrock is better.

I would choose Lindenbrock.

Lindenbrock for the power creep.

In my honest opinion, I would focus on Linderbrock first.
Whichever hero you choose good luck

What other greens do you have? What color tank does your alliance use?

I’d favor Lindenbrock, but depending on those answers, Urareus could be a better option.

I have francine and my team have tanks blue colour

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