Which way should I go with emblems on Mitsuko?

I have 550 Sorcerer emblems to level Mits and im tossing up between, a bit of Attack and the rest defence or just all out attack.

She is still a bit away from max levelling her yet, but just wanted to get some opinions from those that have her emblemed up already and maybe those that have her maxed emblemed up and what she looks like, thanks.

In general, unless a hero is going to be a tank or is only there to provide an effect with their special, I always go full attack. Mitsuko’s blue reflect is obviously very strong and is her highlight, but her baseline stats are very sturdy and going attack with her will greatly improve her overall usefulness, in my opinion.

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She is truly a hero that has many great facets. I honestly did a mix with my 12 emblems…Not focusing totally on Defense or Attack. If any direction did NOT include HP, I went that way.

you’ll love her!!

I don’t have Mitsuko but I’ve seen in the current meta, she has become more and more important in raiding now that everyone is using Telluria tanks with Vela flanks and Finley wings. In my opinion, it’s not that important to boost her attack b/c her main use is a direct mana reducer and reflector. Therefore, you want to increase her survivability so that she can fire her special. I would go full defensive with embleming if I had her. Her attack is 696 which isnt high and I’m not sure going full attack path would significantly contribute to winning you more raids. If you are attacking Telluria tank teams with Mitsuko, you are probably bringing other red heroes along too so they should serve as the primary dmg output.


Ok, thanks for the replies. Does anyone have her maxed out with emblems or close to it so i can see her stats ?

And if you do, can you maybe post which path you took also as that would be helpful, thanks.

Maybe merge with Emblemming Mitsuko - good idea? or Mitsuko talents: healing bonus or crit? ?

I’d take her on defence path having her alive more matters


Its not really the same those topics to what im after, thats why i made a seperate topic.

My mates they went attack on that but now think that defence Is better.

Full defense/health route except took the crit/attack nodes over the healing/defense ones because healing is a waste.

Her purpose is to cut mana and reflect blue. I went full defense/health.

With 57 defense left on the path and 36 health she will be 856 on defense and 1565 health.


My Mits

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I took your path, then went right and then left.

Thanks guys, she looks really good with some emblems on her. I think i will go the defence route since seeing these, you have been really helpful, thanks.

I think i will have enough for 9 talents with 560 will I ?


I have a Mitsuko+19 here, full defensive route.

726 atk - 874 def - 1565 HP

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Can you post a picture, i would like to take a screen shot of her and save it :grin:

Here she is! I usually deploy her offensively against blue snipers and/or Isarnia and/or Finley. She’s the Finley Killer.


You took the healing route I guess? With the extra shield over the crit/attack. Interesting.

Personal knowledge:

Azlar +15 and Elena +12 and their quite useless shield makes them so weak… on a bad board against tellu, they are typically below 50% health after 2 fires from tellu.

I really think mitsuko needs full defense, as it really makes a big big big difference from 650 to 750 to 850 defense. It always looks so meaningless, but comparing the average damage thats a extremly important part.

As I often use 2 healers its much easier tonhave heroes that stay long enough in a fight

Out of all of your reds, where do you rate her ? Probably Gravemaker or someone else would be higher then her hey ? And if you got Ursena, is she better then her or is Ursena better ?

Putting all my red 5* here:

  • Mitsuko+19 (870pwr - 726-874-1565)
  • Costumed Elena (794 pwr - 845-588-1494; regular Elena at 4.01). Yunan+19 has the Fighter emblems.
  • Grazul (770 pwr - 628/817/1406) - Ariel+19 has the Cleric emblems.
  • Zimkitha (769pwr - 714-681-1454) - Alberich+19 has the Druid emblems.
  • Azlar (757pwr - 793-607-1322) - Kageburado+20 has the Barbarian emblems; 96 extra emblems without a hero.
  • Scarlett+19 (735pwr - 895-558-1142) - high firepower for events. Probably will be replaced (and stripped of her emblems) after Regular Elena is maxed and received Fighter emblems to surpass that 895 attack stat.

Mitsuko is my #1 red hero, for her flexibility, being good against all green, in addition to blue heroes with attacking specials (hello Finley). Zimkitha is my second red hero, again for her jack-of-all-trades character. Azlar and Elena are damage dealers (DoT and Riposte are additional skills). Grazul is very good alongside Zim. I use the Graz-Zim-Mitz combo against Telluria.

Unfortunately, I don’t have Gravemaker.

Ursena would be a better tank, best on defense. But that’d depend of who do you have in your roster. I don’t have Ursena, but my purple 5* squad is quite nice (Kageburado+20, Seshat+19, Alfrike+12, Kunchen, Hel and Sartana maxed; Alfrike 4.12, maxed Costumed Rigard and Tiburtus and Seshat 3.70).

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