Mitsuko talents: healing bonus or crit?

It’ll be a while to accumulate the emblems for the next step, but I have Mitusko at +7 right now. Her line is 711 / 763 /1486 ( I have so far gone Def > HP > Atk).

Node 8 is a 2% healing bonus or a 2% crit chance. In a vacuum I’d prefer the crit bonus. However, the fork for that follows up with attack at node 9, whereas the fork for healing has defense at node 9. Generally speaking, I’d prefer defense to attack and that is the way I’ve been embleming Mitsuko so far.

I’m not sure which path to favor. Please help! You have until I get ~100 more sorcerer emblems to decide. :roll_eyes:

Sounds about right, she’s pretty tanky so may as well play to her strengths.

I’d go the path which gives you defense.

Okay, here’s the funny thing. I think that, no matter what you posted, I would have made a response slightly disagreeing with / challenging your position. :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe I’m underestimating it, but I regard 2% more healing as almost completely worthless, meaning I’m paying a lot just to snag one more defense bonus. In contrast, I can easily see situations where a crit at the right moment creates a raid-changing kill. That’s a hefty opportunity cost.

Also, if it matters, some attack boosts are already baked in (one fork was defense and attack where the other was hit points and attack - point being, I had to take attack either way), so I don’t regard Mitsuko’s attack as trivial; in fact her stats at +7 with only a single attack node give her basically average attack for a maxed (but not emblemed) five star fire hero. She’s tanky, but not at the cost of having an irredeemably low attack stat (like, say, Buddy).

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What are you using Mits for? Tank? Do you have a healer in that defense? If not tanking her and mostly using her in raids, I’d go crit and attack, she’s already plenty beefy if you’re going mostly defense and health, a little bit more attack and chance at crit (especially if you don’t use a crit troop on her) would surely be welcomed.

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Great points.

Right now Mitsuko is in many offensive raids: all red stacks and as part of a 3/1/1 configuration that I think can reflect a slow blue or blue corner.

In the future she’ll be part of raid and war defense, most likely as:

Mother North
Seshat (fingers crossed)

I have a level 15 red mana troop and a level 1 red crit troop (I got the mana troop first).

A little more punch for that lineup wouldn’t hurt, not that I think it will make a massive difference either way, so I’d feel comfortable either direction, but I like crit and attack most.


GM coming in at flank in 3 more rings. :roll_eyes:

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That’s exciting, fingers crossed for both of us that some rings are in our near future.

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Whatever you choose I think Mitsuko is one of those heroes that can go either way on the class tree boosts; her attack is fair enough that boosts through emblems can make it very respectable, and her defensive stats are also good enough for her to benefit on a defense team.

My approach is to go “full steam ahead” on the chosen path, which is why I think you may as well go the defense route, since you’ve already chosen it. :stuck_out_tongue: That’s how I like to build my heroes in this game, and in most RPGs in general.

I’m aware though that it’s not always that simple; for e.g. in the Pokemon games my wife plays competitively, I’ve seen her do slight tweaks on stat distribution bonuses just to survive specific attacks from specific counters and then hit them back hard to OHKO them…

Would that be applicable in Empires? Frankly, I don’t know the metagame nor the math well enough to make that call…

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I’m at this exact point right now. Ready to node 8 Mits, defense build so far, but feel like in general with a few exceptions +2% healing isn’t worth as much as a +2% crit on offense or defense. However, the healing bonus follows with a def node and the crit bonus follows with an att node. I’m tempted to take the crit and att just this one time and then return her back to a defense build the rest of the way.

Any more thoughts on this?

I need help, have 600 emblems but I never use my reds other then for wars.

She isn’t going to be on my defense nor war defense. Do I even give her emblems or keep hoarding?

For me she’s immensely helpful, even though she’s not in my current defense (she is in my war defense, but it’s an experiment and I think I could do as well without her). Some of this is unique to my roster, but basically:

  1. I refuse to pull Mother North from a raid
  2. Because of that, I suspect I go 3/1/1 more than most people (close to 40%)
  3. Mitsuko often has huge value as the second one, as she can single handedly kill a corner Isarnia and most blue snipers
  4. For this reason, Mitusko makes a full third of my raid teams

A third is a ton for a single hero (contrast Seshat at under 25%, despite my complete lack of snipers in any color), so she is very worthy of an emblem investment.

FWIW, I have Mitsuko emblemed to +18, all attack path, secondary defense nodes opted with 771 attack, 799 defense and 1565 health stats. Now for the 19th node, I am on the crossroads choosing either the attack bonus (adding 20 units) or the defense bonus (adding 21 units). I may get the 20th node to add 4% mana bonus so that she can fire her skills akin to a fast mana hero when supported by a level 11 mana troop. I was supposed to get the attack bonus node for me to be consistent with the build I have Mitsuko in my mind, but the defense bonus will make her defense stat exceed over 800.

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