Onto next holy hero ascension

I just got my last tonic needed to ascend Kingston today. Excited about maxing him out.

The next ascension will be a holy hero as I’m only one dart away.

Already have Guinevere, Joon and Poseidon maxed. Don’t really need any type of hero in particular.

I have the candidates are Onatel, neith, Vivica, Ranvir and Inari. All are at 3/70 or will be very soon. I also have Leonidas who I haven’t started leveling and duplicate Joons.

I don’t really need any type of hero in particular and most of these are in classes who have higher priority heroes who will be having the emblems. Not the most exciting color for me.

I wish I had 50 tabbards and tonics.

Who would y’all ascend next. I’m kinda leaning towards Onatel or Neith. The element links are always useful.

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I’d probably max Vivica. 5* healers are rare.


Viv would be my choice… and her costume makes me want to max another. Onatel or inari would be my next choice… although joon#2 is tempting.


TL;DR - Vivica for sure.

I was lucky and pulled Vivica early in the game and she’s been a life saver.
Like @SuuriKoira said, 5* healers are rare.
Plus that added defense buff isn’t half bad either.

If I pull her costume, I think Vivica is the way to go. That’s a very good point. I just wish I knew what the costume situation was.

While 5* healers are rare, they also need to be useful. I’ve found Viv to be very useful in healing wars when tucked into a corner. She alone can waste 1+ opponents flags. Other than that, I find she dies too quickly to be of use.

If you like wars and need a specialist for the healing rounds - go Viv. If you need a titan hitter, Ranvir is better than Wu. If you’re looking for an attack hero (which also makes a decent yellow war tank) - Go Onatel.

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Id go 4 the healer. Viv is really good. If you dont need a healer then Onatel! Good flank/tank hero

In my honest opinion I would max out Onatel. But as others have said, you need to review your healers first, do you need Vivica? Good luck

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Onatel for sure. She is special and fun!

I’m going with the Viv crowd too although Onatel would definitely be 2nd in line for me. Like someone already mentioned, how are you in the healer department? 5* healers sure are rare

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I do have Grazul maxed as well as Guinevere, Alberich and I just got Mother North. I also have all the costumes for the 4* healers maxed.

I don’t necessarily need a healer although it never hurts. I don’t need any specific type of hero. I just want to ascend the best one of the lot.

In that case I would say 100% Onatel

It sounds like there’s a lot of love for Onatel and Vivica. These darts can’t come quick enough because I will eventually max both.

Does anyone have experience with a maxed Neith yet? I’m seeing her on a lot of the top 100 raid teams.

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I’ve only faced her and if she goes off when I am about to fire it is a bit annoying but she doesn’t hit hard so it just gets shrugged off. The chance to miss does suck though.

But overall Onatel is superior as she buys time and heals holy heros. She can stand up against a lot in a raid on offense.


There is a thread about Neith. Neith – New November 2019 HOTM (Hero of the Month): Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

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