5* Classic Holy Hero to Ascend

Apologies if this has been previously covered…i couldn’t find what i was looking for when searching the topic.

Pretty sure its an easy topic, but i need confirmation on which classic 5* holy to ascend. If i had vivica, she would be my easy pick since i don’t have a 5* healer. However, my tc20 has surprised me with leonidas, joon, and justice.

My 5*s include:


I also have every 4* classic but little john and many atlantis 4*.

Thanks in advance for all the help!

IMO Joon, fast great sniper.


Joon easy choice out of these three.

Fast speed, solid hit, cripples anything he doesn’t KO.

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My current lineup is inari, elena, quintus, kadilen, and kiril (maxed out emblems). The answer has to be joon since sartana is my only other sniper. Im hesitant to switch inari with joon since inaris special has saved me too many times to count. I’ll switch out quintus with sartana when shes done (tier 4, level 40).

Are you talking about defense?

That team looks way too vulnerable to dispellers. 4 out of 5 of your heroes don’t do a whole lot if they are dispelled.

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I really don’t think Inari belongs on defense teams either. Joon will do you a bigger favor by putting a hard hitting sniper on wing, which can potentially win you 1vs1s if it comes to that

Joon would be my vote as well.

  • Tank
    • :yellow_circle: Justice
    • :red_circle: Elena
  • Flank
    • :purple_circle: Quintus
    • :yellow_circle: Inari
    • :green_circle: Kadilen
    • :red_circle: Azlar
    • :red_circle: Khagan
  • Flank/Wing
    • :purple_circle: Sartana
    • :yellow_circle: Joon
    • :yellow_circle: Leonidas

Very good for titans:
:yellow_circle: Inari
:yellow_circle: Joon
:green_circle: Kadilen
:red_circle: Elena

My picks would be Inari, Sartana, Kadilen and Elena, while hoping for a good 5* ice hero :slight_smile:
Inari works wonders when paired with heroes with riposte and with Kadilen both of them can give you a much needed survivability against specials.


As always, your personal situation is going to determine what the best thing for you is — Joon is generally considered one of the best of the 5* snipers. You will use him a lot. Justice is one of the only decent tanks in the classic heroes. If, for example, your alliance uses yellow tanks, that’s going to be a factor. I like Leonidas a lot — he was my first 5* yellow, but he doesn’t hit as hard as Joon and isn’t as good a tank as Justice (he’s still my war tank, though, since I have a distinct dart shortage - 2 Joons and a Justice sitting at 3/70 waiting on darts. Even in my situation, where we are using yellow tanks, I’ll probably end up keeping Leonidas there and ascend Joon whenever that 6th dart drops.)

Thanks for the responses everyone! Are there any classic or atlantis 4s that would be better than my 5 once emblemed up? Inari, Elena, Quintus, Khagan, Kadilen all have at least 4 emblems.