Which Red 5 Star to Ascend?

Hello All!

I checked other red ascension topics but couldn’t find something similar to my situation. And afraid of making a mistake with precious mats.

Below is my maxed roster and options for the next red 5* to ascend.

I am torn between Zimkitha, Lady Loki and Vanda.
I don’t have emblems for Zim and LL. Lots of emblems for Vanda but have Grazul maxed already.

My defense team, Kage C.Viv Telly Magni Marj, works fine. Zim or Vanda would replace Viv, and Poseidon(currently working on) can replace Marj in that case.

My mono Red for raiding GTV is Marj Grazul BT Wilbur Sumle. I would replace Grazul with any of the three candidates.

Your advice is most welcome. Thanks in advance.

For me it would be between Zim and Lady loki.
Although Lady loki is loads of fun Offensively, I think Zimkitha has pipped her to the post just because she has that mana speed advantage


Of those you are picking between, I most hate seeing Zim.

To be honest, none of those 3 is likely to be a “mistake”. I have a friend who is constantly looking for perfect solutions, strategies, etc throughout his life, and rues his mistakes when things work out suboptimally - even if there is something that happens that he can literally not plan for - weather events, car breakdowns, etc.

Once you are down to just good options, pick the one you like the most.


+1 for between Zim and Lady Loki, and I more prefer Zim. Best on offense (based on YT memebers etc) and defense (I hate facing him).


Thank you all for the advices. I will leave Vanda for later.
Now it’s between Zimkitha and Lady Loki.
My mind says Zim. She is a fast cleaner, and that is a life saver. I will need one more match to charge Loki. It may take one turn or more depending on the board. And those turns may decide win or lose. She is also more all-arounder than Lady Loki. Zim is the safer choice.
But my heart says Lady Loki. Better stats, hits harder and sends the aliments back. More fun to play with.

So decisive factor is the emblems now. I have Magni, Kingston, Poseidon and precious Boldtusk in Fighter class. LL has a hard time there.
Zim though has only Freya to compete with right now.
She will get the rings.
Thanks again.


Out of the two, I lean 60/40 in favor of Zim for the simple fact she is more versatile. You can use her well on both offense and defense. LL is more geared toward offense since YOU control whether she goes off or not. While there seems to have been improvements to the AI, you still wouldn’t want LL to fire when there are no status ailments to transfer. Utter waste having the AI do that.


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