New Fire ascension

So I’m ready to ascend my 5th Red 5*. I currently have Gravemaker, Ares, Marjana, and Azlar. I have a lot of strong candidates and I’m looking for some guidance, mostly because I haven’t seen a lot of grading on Vanda. Here are my choices in order of what I think I’d want: Lady Loki, Zimkitha, Vanda, Jean-Francois, Queen of Hearts, Grazul. Thoughts?

You have solid hitting Reds and Ares can be useful too. Bring Grazul to 3-70 and take her out for a spin. Her protecting your team from ailments is a gigantic help, and super fast too boot. With an 11 mana troop she charges in 6 times! A little better than Vanda’s IMO.

Zim first, cleanses, heals, raises attack,deals damage, etc… great hero

You have a LOT of great options there…

Between GM, Marjana & Azlar you got a fair bit of damage dealing so that shouldn’t really be a focus.

I agree with the sentiments above that going for a Cleansing Hero (or blocking) would be the best course of action… So this knocks out Jean-Francois & Queen of Hearts.

Vanda & Grazul are both great blockers. Grazul offers a little more team support in the minor healing while Vanda is more a solo helper with her healing steal (great for field aid and Heal Over Time enemies tho)

Lady Loki & Zimkitha are both AMAZING cleansers… I have both maxed & both are getting emblems currently (second set of buttons). Zim has the advantage of giving an attack buff after cleansing + a little more speed… While Lady Loki’s benefit is that she redistributes the ailments on the enemies AND does more damage.

So with all that being said, any of those 4 options will be fantastic in the end.

Lady Loki would probably be my personal pick of the bunch given how much I raid with her and how much fun she is to play!!

From a troop perspective:

If you don’t have a L23 mana troop in red, Lady Loki doesn’t get the mana break point.
Similarly, if you don’t have a second L11 mana troop in red, Grazul / Vanda won’t get the mana break point if you pair them with Gravemaker.

Just something to consider :slight_smile:

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They should let you kill a fully maxed hero and retrieve your mats.

Zim would be best option for red stack synergy.

Then toss up between Grazul and Vanda but both these very fast heroes can be useful at 3/70.

I’m still struggling with finding a good fit for LL, if you have spare fighter emblems then maybe after Zim.

Honorable mention for JF, he doesn’t have a direct attack but the burn, and defense buffs would be a great pairing for a war team with more fragile heroes.

I don’t even bother with QoH for now.

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