Which Red 5* to give the rings to? Please advise

Hello everyone,
Please advise which 5* red to level next. Contenders are:

  • Lady Loki
  • Zimkitha
  • Mitsuko
  • Baldur
  • C.Azlar

Already raised 5* red - Grave Maker, JF, Garnet, Tyr.
I am leaning towards either Lady Loki or Zimkitha, as i need a cleanser for my mono red. But not sure which is better. I like Zimkitha for being fast and the element link, i played with her quite a lot at 3/70. Not sure about Lady Loki as i just pulled her from last Valhalla.
Thanks for sharing your opinions.

I have both Zim and Lady Loki leveled, and they are both fantastic. I really enjoy Lady Loki, as I specifically target Vela/GM teams in wars. Personally, I believe Lady Loki to be better.


If you want a cleanser, I would go with Lady Loki. If you don’t have a lvl 23 mana troop, you eventually will and she would replace Zim.

C Azlar is awesome and would be a good slow hero to add to your bench for rush attacks. Downside is that he would not stack well with JF and GM.

Mitsuko is still a standard while Vela and Finely are around.

Personally, I put the most weight on who I can give emblems to. After you have a good bench of 30 heroes, each additional maxed hero really gives diminishing returns as far as your effectiveness.


The post above is great @Hcmitchellr. All of these heroes are worth ascending. Only one I’d pass on is Azlar because of the 2 very good heroes you already have that won’t stack the burn damage with him. I would do Loki or Mitsuko if I had the make a choice.

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My call is Mitsuko. Reflect is a rare skill, and Sorceror class isn’t stacked with stars (certainly not common ones anyway) so I’d expect you can emblem her. My Mitsuko +18 is a staple in red raids and any stage with a blue boss. She is very good

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Thanks everyone!
Lady Loki it is then :slight_smile: For Mitsuko, unfortunately i don’t have any emblems for her, as I have quite a few sorcerers and emblems are gone - Krampus (+20), Garnet (+7), Lepiota (+7) and Almur (+20) .

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