Poll- Next 5* while I wait for rings?

Finished Zhabog and I don’t have enough rings to ascend a 5*, what do you think I should work on next? I had started on C-Elena a long time ago but paused when I got better 5* reds. I also chose Mitsuko from the fated summon and have thought about her and I have dupes of Khufu, Chomper, and R&N which are great but worth doing a dupe? Or worth working on one of my handful of 3* or 4* heroes?

My red roster is below the poll. Thanks for your vote and any comments/advice!

  • Start Mitsuko
  • Keep working on C-Elena
  • Start another 5* (comments below please)
  • Start another 4* (comments below please)
  • Start another 3* (comments below please)

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R&N and khufu are still worth the effort imo.

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Give wilbur lb2 a chance. I’m very happy with mine.


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I’d max Cillian! He’s a great hero and then max R&N once you have the rings


I think I’d do R&N over Mits…but both are very worthy.


Except I don’t have Wilbur’s costume…I definitely would if I had the costume boost

I’m a massive Wilbur fan (with or without the costume!)

His costume turns him into a mini Tarlak, but in my opinion he’s def worth LB and full emblems even without the costume and the costume will be the icing on top

Whatever you choose to do with your roster, enjoy the game :slightly_smiling_face:

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Completely agree with Cillian. He is one of the best 4* hitters available.


Sure khufu and r&n. Both is very good heroes.