The Purple Dilemma

So, with the offer today I completed 6 tabards and now I have a dilemma…

I have this two waiting:

I know that both have their merits to level up but unfortunately only one of them can be the chosen one!!!

What’s your thoughts ??

P.S: I already have Kage, Sartana and Domitia full…

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Hel is a gamechanger, even for those with lots of maxed heroes. Do you have other 5* healers?

Based off your existing lineup of Kage, Sartana and Domitia - I would say Kitchen would be a good synergy for them.

+1 For Kitchen.

I have Delilah and Mother North…

I’d choose Hel. Kunchen is great, but he’ll overlap your healers (unless you lack cleansers and defense debuffers as well, albeit slow ones).

I’m about to have to make the same decision. Already have Panther, Khiona, and Sartana maxed. Only 5* healer is Mother North. All of this points to Kunchen being the choice, but MAN it’s hard to pass up the chance to max Hel!

(I’m still four tabards away from being able to max both, after today’s Springvale offer.)


Kunchen have a great synergy with the others purple hitters and Hel can make you win any raid!!!

Kunchen 3/70 is a little better then Rigard stats wise so it’s almost the same to take Rigard in the team or Kunchen 3/70

Hells Kitchen
In that order

Both fem.Satan and Cage Burrito are strong and fast/very fast. With Hell’s power on their side you could likely kill off your opponent before needing to heal.


If u don’t have a strong tank choose kuchen if not hel is great in offense and defense.