Which priority: feed the heroes or find new ones?

Hi there people of E&P… I just completed my 2 TC at level 20, and the others 2 at level 11. I don’t have a lot of heroes… just 3 of 5*, and 14 of 4* (repeated some of them) … but most of them has to be leveled… so… I find very useful to grow up heroes of 1* and 2* in all 4 TC in order to feed my heroes as quickly as possible so I can play better at wars; but! I feel that I want to have more of 5*… and I don’t know if is it better to use my 4 TC to feed, or keep on looking for new better heroes in 1 TC and decrease the feeding speed… what do you think?

There are a lot of threads out here about that sort of question, and there are different answers depending on exact situation.

I would recommend that you use at least 1 TC to run level 20 training to keep generating chances at excellent heroes. If you don’t, you may reach a point where you lack heroes of a certain color to level with your feeders of that color.

Do you feed heroes strictly on-color? If not, that will maximize your gains per feeder hero.

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