Which one(s) will you pick in new fated summon? (poll)

Hello! Here’s a poll. Feel free to comment on your choice(s).
I try to put “none” option but only 20 entries are allowed.

  • Marjana
  • Horghall
  • Isarnia
  • Joon
  • Quintus
  • Zimkitha
  • Zeline
  • Raffaele
  • Malosi
  • Grimble
  • Mitsuko
  • Atomos
  • Misandra
  • Inari
  • Mok-arr
  • Gefjon
  • Heimdall
  • Lord Loki
  • Sif
  • Bera

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Lord Loki is a must have

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  1. Grimble for speed up my ludwig and alfrike
  2. Heimdal, i have pretty “deep” roster but i dont have reviver lol…
  3. Second lord loki, he always gonna be nice hero
  4. Malosi for tactic offense

Malosi and Zimkitty (the only two HOTM I don’t have)
Mok-arr (collection purposes)

Dupes, if I get that far, in order:
Lord Loki
Gefjon (have costume)

Zeline & probably Heimdall first, though ay take Bera before Heimdall since I got Arco for overhealing in the last soul exchange and 2 more greens to level are a bit much considering the queue.

All of them are mostly really for collection purposes, and Inari is the only other one I don’t have, but not expecting to get that far.

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LoLo is a must :wink:
Bera or Grimble if I get enough pulls for a second hero before next change - I still need better antiminion capabilities.

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I already have 12 of these in my roster ….

The only duplicate I would want is Lord Loki …

From the others missing from my roster, I would serconsider:

Bera, Grimble and possibly Zeline

Good luck everyone

@PlayForFun can you add this topic link to the 2nd post in the master topic? :smiley:

I voted Lord Loki and Grimble. I thought of Sif as a second pick at first but I already have Hachiko actually so Sif isn’t that important for my roster.

I also already have Heimdall, Malosi and Raffaele (and all the season 1 ofc). Plus I already have 5 2019 HOTMs so another great point for Grimble :+1:


Already have the S1s, plus Heimdall and Raff.

I think my first pick will be Gefjon, as the timing is right in terms of color, class, and need. She would be an upgrade over any of my red hitters (Tahir, Yang Mai, Marjana, G. Kong, Khagan), and she also helps in the minion meta. I chased her hard - or as hard as an FTP can! - when she was released, but I missed her. Also love her artwork.

Second pick will be Grimble. Made the mistake of holding my EHTs in Christmas 2019 until January to chase Vela (who I got) instead of Grimble in December. Minions weren’t very prevalent back then, and Vela was quite good. We all know what happened next. Minion spam made Grimble a great hero, while Vela got beaten to death with the nerf hammer over the GTV meta. I need some non-sniper purples, some hitting clerics, and minion control in purple (the only color where I don’t have it). Also, he would make four 2019 HotM on my roster, so nice family bonuses and shared elemental links. Plus, his animation is hilarious. Would take him first, but I have purple projects and no cleric emblems.

Three picks would be a stretch for FTP, but if I get a third, LoLo is the obvious choice.


I have added this link there. :slight_smile:

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Is it worth to take heimdall just for rush defense? I have no reviver, but i know his 20% su.ck.
Anyway i have nice center with alfrike, ludwig and kong costume… will he improve my def?

Not only rush, he works in def quite good, but better as tank/flank than a “normal” reviver’s place , ie left wing. He is mainly an overhealer/attack buffer, if he needs to revive someone it means he failed in his main skill :wink:
I also use him in autoplay team for higher seasons, works well too.

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I’m torn between Heimdall (would be my first reviver, excluding Anton and Gramps), and Lord Loki (being able to copy specials is just…)

I also considered Zimkitha to have a Red cleanser, but then Heimdall and Lord Loki will give my roster a much greater boost.

Unfortunately I have to pass this time. But my choice would be Grimble as minion killer.

And nobody would choose Bera if they knew the truth!

I have had Heimdall since spring 2021 and I got Lord Loki in 2022. Being slow, Heimdall often has problems surviving to fire (it’s true, I only emblemed him to +9) and his revival rate is very low. So I rarely use him and the most as secondary healer (I use him only during rush or as support to Gazelle).

Lord Loki, on the other hand, I use him all the time, no matter the format, and he works great against top defences. Because of the stats he also has a survivability issue though and I have him at +20 and lb.

I have all the S3 heroes in the list (and a Lord Loki dupe). I also have Grimble, so my choices are between Malosi (v. fast, shutting down buffers like Ludwig), Inari (I don’t have a good dodger, but she seems kind of squishy) and Raffaele (I am a sucker for healers, and I love his healing and art, even though he is slow; but I also have already other healers and many other Ice heroes waiting to be maxed - Esme, Thanatos, Ariel, ).

thanks for sharing the pros and cons re Heimdall and Lord Loki :slight_smile:

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Welcome, no hearts left for today :slight_smile:

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I have Bera, Misandra, c Gefjon and Lord Loki. Only one maxed is LoLo at 4/85+20. I really don’t find any of others useful except maybe Grimble and Heimdal