Which one(s) will you pick in new fated summon? (poll)

Mitsuko being for the second time in the fated summon seems weird.
I got Lord Loki from the soul exchange few months ago and he is really fun to play with.
Grimble, Heimdal and Bera my priorities now and maybe a second LoLo if I go so far.

Do you know when the new Fated Summon will be available?
I am almost at 100 and it will be worth to wait for it…

Once this new update is forced, you should see the countdown to the next one. Probably April 6th.

I’m very close to 100 and am currently waiting for this list (pulled only Skadi in the first one) to go live. As a FTP, I hope to pull twice and my choices will be Bera first and Mitsuko second (I’m not choosing Mits now JUST IN CASE I don’t have enough to pull Bera, which I’ve really wanted from the beginning).


Theo87 Thank you!!! :heart_eyes:
Hope this list is real or if they change that will be only to improve the heroes!

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The problem is that they are currently committed to the second line being season 2 heroes. As there are only two such heroes in red, and one of them is fairly new and highly sought after (Oceanus), Mitsuko will probably be there for awhile yet. Unless they replace the second line with CF1 heroes.

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