Fated Summons 2 - Who's Next

So, I am rapidly approaching being able to pull another hero from the Fated Summons selection and am wondering who to pull this time. My previous pulls have been Heimdall (needed a reviver as I did not have any previously and he is still my only reviver on my roster) and Grimble (like the fact that he destroys minions but now he is buried as I also pulled Lepiota and costume).

I am leaning towards Holy for this pull and my roster of Holy’s are:

  • Ogima
  • Justice
  • Bai Yeong
  • Delilah
  • Devana
  • Gilligan
  • Kara
  • Uraeus
  • Vivica (C)
  • Thor
  • Papyros

With that being said, who is the logical choice between the current Holy options of:

  • Joon
  • Malosi
  • Inari
  • Sif

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Thanks in advance on your feedback!

Definitely Malosi in yellow for his status effect blocker status ailment. I have him and I use him a lot. Really useful.

However, you mentioned Heimdall and Grimble but what about Lord Loki?!? He is the best offering in this 2nd Fated Summon. Many people who already had him still took a second one.


I already have Loki and have him maxed to lvl 85. Use him in my war rotation very frequently.

Did you make your choice? Who did you pull in the end? :smiley:

If it’s not too late… Malosi!

Yeah, I ended up with Malosi and then went back and grabbed Joon as I was not really impressed with the remaining options. Ended up with Zeline as well from the fated summons.


Bera is also one to pick up. No minions in minion wars could help

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Yeah, I already have Bera, Marjana, Gefjon, Atomos, Isarnia, Raffaele & Loki. Ended up pulling Heimdall, Grimble, Malosi, Joon & Zeline from this fated. Looks as if Zimkitha will be the next one to be pulled. But agree that Bera is a great one for minion wars.

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