Which one gets the scopes

It’s between Miki, Issy or Magni, I’m leaning towards Issy because I don’t have a aoe hitter.
These are my blues


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Miki… you’ll get the immediate benefit of better titan damage. And his silence during events is helpful. You have Athena. No need for isa. magni will be helpful, but with alasie, he’s second choice imo.


20 Miki’s for Titans.


Didn’t really consider Miki as I only use him on titans and with a mana flask he’s good to go

Isarnia is slow and squishy but her effect is wonderful provided that she managed to cast her special. She has since turn into a monster with the newly introduced costume.
Magni with fast mana and def buff for 3 is your another Alasie.
Both has had high tiles damage but at least Magni can fire once before he is dead.
Hero class is another thing to consider when maxing.
I’ve got a maxed Magni and 4 Isarnia with 2 went to Miki’s dinner table…lol.

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Yeah but once you get to bigger and badder titans you’ll want him maxed… finish him while you have the scopes and not too much competition for them. Just my thoughts.


I wondered about the ostume for Issy does it change her mana speed when maxed or is she still slow.

Miki. Agree with most of others. I don’t worry about titan lineups anymore other than the stupid reflecting unicorn.

Was still slow but her attack stat up to 8xx + minor alteration to her special.

Agree. I am just done with Miki and Rumpelstiltskin. Miki is much better at 4 80. More effective than Wu Kong as titan will always have a higher hp. No misses too!
I’ve got my highest scores with all blues on red titan few weeks back.

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Yeah, red titans are my favourites, I scored 130k on a 10* with my blues, very satisfying :smile:

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Exactly what she said.


Isarnia is garbage. Her defense is too weak to even take slash damage from heavily emblemed 5*. She is even bad in very fast tournaments from my experience. For reference I have magni Richard and isarnia maxed.

Miki is beloved by my alliance mates, but I hear he is useful at 3.70 so magni May give you the most all around benefit

Okay so the consensus is Miki who I never really considered but I will now.
I just seen to have a soft spot for Issy she was my first 5* blue so she’s been around for quite a while.

Thanks everyone


Personal Vote is for Magni.


  • Miki is really usable at 3/70. I face 12* titans and he works just fine at 3/70 for me. By ascending him you don’t actually gain anything beyond survivability… His special remains exactly the same.
  • between Issy & Magni now as ascending either will dramatically increase the damage you deal from their special.
  • Issy is slow and does defence down, something that you already have covered with Athena.

So in summary, I vote Magni cause you can’t ever have enough snipers. Issy is slow & Athena already does the defence down. Miki you don’t gain anything unless you’re fighting 13*+ titans.

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Isarnia and hope you get her costume


You destroy your own argument friend!

You say Isarnia is garbage due to weak defense and suggest Magni meanwhile Magni has even lower DEF than Isarnia!

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Yeah, but he’s fast :slightly_smiling_face:

Miki - able to fight higher level titans / higher score on titans (more possible mats).

Magni - only if you want another sniper.

Isarnia - no go for you since you already have a def down from Athena


Magni is fast and has a defense buff. He at least gets a special off before getting killed by slash attacks!!

I disagree that I bombed my own argument.

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