Which is the better green tank - telluria, heimdall or costume kadilen

Heimdall really slow, telly hits like a wet noodle and her heal is now next to useless, so thinking of costume kadilen - will use krampus and gravemaker at flanks

All of them die to a decent board. I think Heimdall is the most punishing of them to a bad board. Although I don’t recall facing C. Kadilen at tank except in wars.

Heimdall duplicates krampus attack up and is slow, we use green tanks in war but telly sucks now

Costume kadilen is now like a telly - but faster, hits twice as hard, high chance of dodging and creating minions and a chance of mana down with sorcerer emblems!


And with krampus attack up kadilen is even better i think

CKad would be my choice. Her dodge can be quite troublesome.

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I’d go with costume kadilen… The dodge is underrated and her damage with krampus buff won’t be negligible.
Telluria is good only on defense nowadays while heimdall is slow and his attack buff is redundant with krampus attack up.
Whatever u choose, good luck

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Don’t underestimate C. Kadilen she is quite useful at tank and has nice Defence with her being a Costume.

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I will have to watch out for C. Kadilen at tank and test her out. Maybe someday I’ll be lucky enough to pull her and replace my Justice tank :rofl:

Heimdall is a good tank but slow so it needs a fast flanks
If you plan to use Krampus, definitely choose C. Kadilen
Taunt and dodge go well together

I was never a fun of telluria, although i have pulled her twice then,but i have to admit that before her rebalance she was fearsome. C.Kadilen is very good defence hero but not as tank,she is better as right or left flank,if the dodge ability was as high as Margaret’s she would be perfect for tank. I use Heimi as tank for my defence team with three sharp shooters and a Kunchen for healing aid,his stats are better than telluria’s,up to 3 wins every 5 or 6 raids

If you’re wondering what a fully ascended n kadilen costume looks like, this is it:

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Nice graphic summary, but it should be noted as Druid emblems required, not sorcerer

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Yes ofc , the app isn’t mine though so i couldnt change that look… Good call though

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Right with my telluria still sitting on max emblems but due to the nerf she not any good on top level.

But now as limit breaker is coming do i make telluria stronger or take the emblems stick them on heimdall and then limit break him

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