Green tank

I want to try the new trend of green tanks. I have the tonics to level one. I also fight mono in war so I would use one of the green stacks. Which looks scarier?

Telluria would be far better.

In my honest opinion, both are great Tanks. However, I would focus on Telluria first.
Good luck

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Trend of green tanks?
Did I miss sth?
It’s just Telly.

How about
Jean Tootie Vela Telly Joon

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got any reds other than JF? gravemaker perhaps?

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Kage not the greatest wing defender due to his special reduction when victim below half strength, more chance of him just tickling someone at wing

I have both Telly and Heimdall at 70 so very interested in consensus here

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I have bigger issues with Heimdall than Telluria personally…when he fires it’s like having to beat another whole team. But Telluria is pretty rough too if she fires. If you don’t have MN or Alby I’d go with the necromancer.

Edit: you have MN…but I’d still go Heimdall.

In my experience Telluria is tougher to deal with, but I don’t think Heimdal is that far behind. I have fought a whole lot more Tellurias than Heimdals, so some of that might be small sample size theater.

Heimdall is better on flank imo.
Telly is THE tank.


The mono green with hemi is consistently better with the mother north combo. Very hard to kill mother with double her health that’s a handful. I know kage and jean second fiddles
No gravemaker. No better purple at the moment, but 12 tabbards waiting for the day.

Maybe I exaggerated about the green tank trend :grinning:

I currently have the a similar setup of KAGE+18 JF+17 Telluria+16 Vela+17 Joon+18 level 20 troops with impressive results so far. My defence holds 2600+ cups and I’ve been raided quite a few times to top 40. I also tried Kage on flank but with a slightly worse outcome, dropped once or twice to 2590 with that setup and didn’t win as much too.

When facing them however, Heimdall was by far the easier tank to beat. While his stats are tanky, just like mother North, his slow mana speed becomes a problem. Also because he doesn’t stop me from charging up my team, I usually have little difficulty winning the match. Heimdall is probably best as a flank and probably wing too but he needs to fire more than MN and Alby due to his other useful specials.

So in summary, Telluria is your only option here especially given the fact that you already have a maxed MN. Telluria is like Delilah on Steroids both on offence and defence.

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