What? He is better on tank position? Help!

I need help to decide me and my friend argue about this I say kadilen without costume is better tank and he says Evelyn is better, with one is the better war tank? Overall. Help us figure this out! Who do you struggle most vs Kadilen tank or Evelyn?

In my honest opinion I would not use either in a Tank role. They are not really suitable for that role.
However Costume Kadilen makes a fairly decent tank.
But If you must have one, you probably need to toss a coin to decide

This is our new alliance member long story short he have the choose between Kadilen without costume or Evelyn tank.

Personally, if you are running a rainbow team, and just one green … then I would choose Evelyn…
Good luck

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Mmmm… Ideally neither.

The role of a tank is to take big damage and to make sure bad boards can’t be recovered.

Kadilen will put up special skill resistance and do a moderate amount of damage.

Evelyn will dispel (but on a bad board? Nothing to dispel) and do a bit more damage, moreso if she hits the same heroes twice.

If you had to pick one or the other with no other options, then I’d probably go Evelyn… I wouldn’t expect great results from either of them.


Haven´t faced any Evelyn tank, Kadilen or costume Kadilen shoots almost everytime I face her. But She won´t ruin you by herself, You need powerful heroes to deal the big damage around her.

Fast tanks give me more troubles than slow but sturdier tanks.

Some offtopic: Every time I have faced a new Telluria tank My boards have been atrocious.

Flanks are Gravemaker +14 and Vela +10. Wars around 110k

After facing endless Telluria tanks, some people think just because it’s green it’s a better tank. I have gone up against probably 4 evelyn tanks and using my same team that I use against Telly, she never even fired off. I’d put Kad in there, she’s better suited to be a tank.

That said, I wouldn’t be against putting Eve in the left wing and placing a strong blue hero between them.


Does your alliance have enough players with top tier green tanks to justify a green tank policy?
(We’re talking Telly, Heimdall, Yunan, Frigg or cKadilen, really).

That one colour policy only really makes sense if most members can actually post a good tank… If not, maybe splitting between two colours or just abandoning that policy could actually improve your war performance as an alliance.

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It´s probably than Vela and Kadilen deal less than 200 to each enemy when firing, It can be turned if the attacker recovers and overcome attack debuff: Just Boldtusk special.

Yes about 1/3 are tellurias plus some good tanks like kadilen costume heimdal… This is the best color to use for tank. Other are worse we also won 14 war straight please back on topic :wink:

It’s always a question worth asking… So it is on topic.

I’ve already answered the direct question from my POV anyway - both subpar at tank, slight edge to Eve but it isn’t saying much IMHO.

Of the two, I would use Kadilen. She may buy time for the other heroes on mid/bad boards. Eve doesn’t bring anything to help the rest of the team.


If I had to choose between these two I’d say Kadilen is the better tank. She puts up a nice shield to protect her mates. Evelyn isn’t the best without another green hero on the team.


Neither option is ideal, but if I had to choose I’d vote Kadilen too.

There’s also the slim chance of getting her costume for future wars. You don’t have that option with Eve. GL


Agree with the others, Eve is not a threat as lone green especially in the tank spot. By default kadi, if you get her costume, then it becomes a very good tank.


Yes I know I use costume kadilen myself :slight_smile:

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