Which green should be my war tank?

Heimdahl, telluria, costume kadlien, francine
All at 4/80 with maxed 20 level emblems

Costume Kadilen might be an interesting choice :smiley:


If I had to choose a hero from the list, c. Kadilen.

I’d say either costume kad or telly, both very tanky I use costume kad as my raid dt tank some nights holds very well others I get pummled but thats the randomness of her dodges, where telly will always slow heal and hit although a weak hit…but costume kad is a frigging headache to deal with

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Costume Kaidlen all the way.

Her skills plus fast mana can be a game changer.

Good luck.

I’m also thinking C. Kadilen

C Kad easily…most annoying hero in the game at the moment.

In my honest opinion it might depend on which other heroes are in your line up and how they work with your tank.

But at face value I would probably go with C.Kadilen first, but if you need / want a healer then Heimdall.

And if you need a tank and tank only then Telluria +20 is still formidable for defence.

Whichever hero you choose good luck

With Heimdall, Telluria and Francine shouldn’t even being considered as tank… still, my vote goes to C. Kadilen

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I’m going to CKad this too. That fast mana is going to allow her to fire unless they stack.

Costume kadilen it is then! She has really tanky stats too

cKadilen for everything except rush, and Heimdall for rush. Overheal + attack buff @ vfast is stupid OP.

Telluria… eh might as well reset her and get those 1500 pally emblems back. The number of times I’ve used her in the past 6 months I can literally count on one hand. If I need a green healer my cMel+18 does the job just fine.

Depends who you flank the tank with.

cKadilen or Heimdal depending on the rest of your defence team.

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