Which Ice to ascend and is my Krampus broken?

I’ve been playing about Nine or ten months and am finally about to ascend my first ice hero.
My choices are all at 3.70–
I have Skadi, Magni, Krampus or Lord Loki.

I currently run rainbow defense with Clarissa +5 or C Rigard +18
C Boldtusk +15 or C Wilbur +20,
Malosi +9
Frigg +4
I have Sapphire +11 currently sitting there to fill out the current D.

I was thinking for sure that I would go with Krampus but in testing in raids and on offense, he seems to be broken. When his special has been active, he has gotten hit by the sniper or the central point of a hit 3 for an unreal 24 consecutive times. I get that it is random, but this seems impossible that it would happen this many times in a row.
Is this how it is supposed to work, because then the taunt becomes virtually useless if it can’t defend against snipers. The only usefulness I get is against AOE attackers.

Any advice on the ascension or help figuring out Krampus would be greatly appreciated.

The God of Mischief is my vote. With Lord Loki, he can be any hero you want him to be, as long as that hero to be copied is among the ones on the opposite side. He can be do what Skadi does, what Magni does and even what Krampus does. At average mana, he can cast the skill of very slow Alfrike if she is on the other side of the battle. Lord Loki’s skills is the ultimate swiss army knife of a hero in the game. Level him. Max him. Emblem him. You will love him.

I don’t have him though, so take it with a grain of salt.


This is literally how taunt is supposed to work.

Taunt makes all specials skills be directed at the taunter and ONLY the taunter.


Taunt’s purpose is for the caster to protect the rest of the allies from the enemy specials as they you try to fill in their mana for them to cast their specials. As mentioned by @Guvnor, the skill is intended only for the caster to absorb all incoming specials, unless there are more of the taunters with active skills in the same team. Arguably so far, Black Knight is the most sought after taunter by reason that his skills render all incoming damage to a single unit 50% of the time when it should be in the tens, or hundreds, or over a thousand.

Nevertheless, Krampus is the best blue tank currently. His base defense stat is way over the 1000 treshold when fully emblemed, and even gets higher when he casts his skills. You may want to ascend him soon but you must prioritize Lord Loki. Let time and further playing allow you to get more heroes ideal for defense.

Thank you for the explanation. I do raid way over my head which explains why krampus always gets one shot by snipers.

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