Krampus or loki?

As the title says who would you use scopes on?

krampus: very useful in most situations (titan, raid attack and defense, events… )

loki: very fun hero and useful on attack only and will heavily depend on the opponent.

I’d max both (krampus first)

I would go with Loki. Will be great for attack teams. Krampus being so passive doesn’t make him a great defender imo. He hasn’t been a major problem so far when I have faced him on defense. Krampus seems great for offense but I like what Loki brings for attacking more so than Krampus. Loki all the way.

Some more info,

Krampus would have to share emblems with garnet which and no way I’ll strip garnet, however loki will share with sartana which I’m.much more likely to strip if he works out.

Current raid defence is
Sartana (no costume) C Magni , garnett, telly , C Joon . All maxed.

Waiting on a tonic for freya with lots of emblems for her so could replace sartana with freya

Will bring him to 3,70 and try him out for a bit but leaning towards loki for offence.

Krampus if you don’t have a better tank or a blue hero to place in your defense. Loki otherwise.

Loki can become everyone including krampus.

Krampus only can become himself.

I choose the fluid one


Having just summoned Lord Loki a few minutes ago, Krampus came out of the leveling team and Lord Loki went in. Immediately.

Don’t plan on using either for defense and Lord Loki looks like MUCH more fun to attack with. It helps that I also believe Lord Loki will be incredibly useful in attacking raids, generally more useful than Krampus because his special allows him to be anything the enemy has on the battlefield.

To be very clear, Krampus is worthy of scopes. OP is a straight up question of which of them to choose.

The emblems also add a lot in favor of Lord Loki @MrAnderson.

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All things said are true, but don’t neglect that Krampus is one of very few heroes that can counter Odin, Frigg, bunnies, Finley and other extremely powerful AOE heroes. Loki will be less useful. Also the OP ninjas are becoming more and more common, and I’m not sure how Loki’s skill handles a charge skill (level 1 charge?).

The ninja aspect is a good point, one I’m hoping will be answered by someone soon if not already in another post

Krampus do doubt.

At average speed, Loki is really good against heroes like Alfrike, but terrible against heroes faster then him.
If you copy Gravemaker just saying, you essentially use Gravemaker skill at average speed.
Which is bad.

If you try to copy but don’t succeed (for example after Grazul protection), he just deals 270% damage which is very low.
Lianna deals 512% at fast, just saying.

So nope, loki is niche and not good as Lady Loki (which is a better version of cleanser).

On the other hand Krampus is one of the best blues.

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Just to clarify as I’m unsure what is being said here… yes, if you use Loki on gm and Grazul’s immunity is up, she will block the dot but she will not make Loki hit by his 275, he will copy gm or whomevers skill even with immunity up (and I’ve yet to see a rogue dodge the copy as well so I’m assuming it can’t happen, only the special that he copies can be subsequently evaded / blocked).

I agree krampus is a great hero, also think he is plenty usable as 3/70 for his skill where Loki needs maxed. Loki is just flat out fun, amazing vs heroes like Frigg, Bk, Odin, Finley, killhare amongst many others and will be one of the better rush heroes in my opinion (grab north heim alby freak, whatever). Personally I’ll be maxing Loki over krampus… he’s just to much fun to pass up. Although I certainly wouldn’t blame anyone for picking krampus either, who in his own right, is a beast.

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Both… 20 boths… Level loki first was my only hero that puts me a smile on my face, when I was able to test him on beta. Hope I get him tomorrow is another day to try for him.

He can copy krampus… Just saying. He put a big smile on every face ho got him. WHo else does that? Hooo even if you lose the match. I’m serious…

He is surely fun, can’t deny that. Probably the funniest hero to play with.
So if we are looking only on pure entertainment (which i can totally understand) going for Loki is the right choice.

But if we are looking for more competivity, i still think Krampus is better.

Loki is not as good with titans or bosses as Krampus, and can’t copy something that is NOT on the ground.

Less reliable so to say.
Crazy fun, but his functionality change even in the middle of a battle.


I’m at this same road block as well. I would hate to use them on Krampus and then they nerf him. The game lords are testing me and I didn’t study lol

Loki by a mile. Krampus is good for when you aren’t playing, like war/ raid defense.

Nerf Krampus? I cannot see it happening.

You mean Krampus is not good on offense?

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