Which ICE hero to ascend to complete this attack team?

I have Boldtusk, Ranvir, Melendor and Proteus maxed. I also have Horghall at 4/70.

Which ICE hero should I ascend to complete this team?

I would recommend triton or soyna, my preference would be soyna

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I agree as between Sonya and Triton, but I’d choose Triton. Melendor gives you the dispel from Sonya. Triton hits harder than Sonya and will amplify Boldtusk’s heal.


If I told you I had enough MATS To ascend TWO Ice heroes, would you ascend Triton and Sonya, or only Triton and wait for a 5* Ice hero?

Depending on your bench strength I would recommend both. You need a solid bench of 4* heroes anyway and Sonya is useful for the dispel against for example Elena where Melendor is at a disadvantage. Or go Triton and Kiril for more choices in a healer. I think you can never have too many healers, especially for AW.

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I agree on Triton to complete your attack team. You already have two healers in Melendor and Boldtusk, and Boldy also buffs attack, making Kiril less relevant. Triton complements both Melendor and Boldtusk; and if you decide to fire Boldtusk first, he will boost Triton’s attack. That versatility is nice to have. And Melendor already has the dispel, making Sonya less relevant.

Plus, only Ranvir among your current attack team have a damage-dealing skill (not counting Proteus’ dmaage over time). Triton fits in nicely there over Kiril or Boril.

But definitely, Sonya and Kiril are also worth considering for ascension if you have extra materials. I’m going to ascend Sonya myself despite already having another dispeller in Sabina, (and another blue sniper in Triton) as there will be times when it makes more sense to bring a Blue dispeller than a Purple. And Kiril was my first 4* maxed Blue, and he can fit into almost any team as any hero would benefit from his heal + twin buffs.

If you don’t have a 5* sitting on the bench, I’d raise what you have. 3* mats aren’t really that rare, once you have a good team and are taking down bigger titans.


In my honest opinion I would fully ascend both Triton and Sonya. It’s best to work with what you have rather than wait and wait some more

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