Strategy/help choosing DEFENSE team from 7 maxed heroes

What five would you choose? And in what order would you place them?


image Proteus Boldtusk Sonya Melendor Triton
dup ICE, as you lack on HOLY
BT and Melendor healers as Triton heals itself
Then Sonya and Triton as Snipers

Good one, but suggest to switch Proteus and Triton. Triton on the left - fires first, increases healing of BT and Mel.

unless you put Triton on the right so he benefits from BT’s attack boost before he fires?

Horghall is maxed as well?

Sonya - BT - Horghall - Proteus - Triton :slight_smile:

He doesn’t. He just increases received healing for his team.


Yes, Horghall is maxed as well

And I have enough emblems to get each to Class Level 5

I have Ranvir, Inari and Joon but not enough MATS to get them to max, still too ‘squishy’ when it comes to defense

I think the first suggestion assumed Horghall was NOT maxed. Since he is, he should be your tank. Flanking him w/ blue is smart, so red used against your tank will be weak to them.

So: Proteus, Kiril, Horghall, Sonya, Melendor

edit: switch proteus and melendor, so Mel dispels before anything.

Best of luck!

In my honest opinion, it would have to be:
Proteus - Boldtusk - Horghall - Sonya - Triton
Colour stack blue with snipers in the absence of yellow hero
Or you could go with two healers and swap Triton for Kiril
Best of luck

When Joon or Ranvir is maxed, would you put one on defense? If so, who gets replaced? JUST got the mats needed to ascend one of them to MAX.

Thanks for taking the time

Sonya BT Horghall Triton Proteus

Joon happened to be one of the best classic hero around. You may replace Triton with Joon later on.

Yes I would swap Joon into the team to replace Triton

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