Which ice hero is better to max?

I need to know what do you think about these heroes. I have . Fenrir, Glenda and Athena waiting for some love. I lean towards Athena, but glenda and fen come closer too in the fight.

Other maxed 5☆ blues


Thanks in advance!

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Considering the blue you have I’d go Athena.
Stats wise she isn’t very different from Glenda (although slightly more durable), mana speed Is the same and she strikes a little harder but, in terms of results, her defense debuff maxing at -65% is much, much better than Glenda’s 40% bonus.
I would choose Glenda only if I wanted a blue cleanser.

Fenrir’s is a finisher so if you want such a hero you got it, but I feel you need to want that role in your roster to put him ahead of Athena and Glenda.


I am going to vote for Glenda. I like her cleanse. I don’t have Athena and my Fenrir is at 3.70, so I may not have the best context to answer. On the other hand, I’ve given Glenda emblems and do not regret it.

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I have all 3 and my vote is for glenda - she is a lot more versatile in war and that cleanse is so needed in war

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I would say it depends on your requirements for a blue cleanser.

I would love a blue cleanser myself as it would mean I could reliably take Frosth into fights with Bera with my 4/1 blue stack and raise everyone’s mana speed. Without that specific scenario however I would go for Athena as I would just take a cleanser in an off color, if I needed one.

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Athena. Except costumed Brienne, no other hero debuffs enemy defense to a max of -65%. She has good synergy with other average speed mana generating hero like Frida. One of the first generation HOTMs that is still very much relevant today even if she has obsolete stats (compared to the recently released heroes) and even if she was nerfed years ago.

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