Fenrir or Athena

hey guys need some more advice, getting close to 6 telescopes again, which blue 5star should i ascend, Fenrir or Athena. i know athena is great especially vs titans, but fenrir is too new for me to judge correctly.

What are you current maxed options?

Athena is a Titan BOSS; Fenrir seems more geared towards raiding than titans but will definitely be great there too.

in blue i have frida, and magni maxed so far, just got athena last time, and just got fenrir

Personally I would probably be leaning towards Athena as she will pair nicely with your existing 5* maxed heroes.

Fenrir is a sniper also (effectively) which is also Magni’s roll (who he would also be competing for with emblems).

thanks i was leaning towards athena as well just fenrir is shiney and new hard temptation

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