Which heroes to ascend next?

Hello guys!

Started playing the game in March and really enjoy playing it, mostly f2p (only vip since some months) and i really dont know the best way to advance now. Got 3-5 full 3* stars, 1 fully 4* and just got my first 5* from tc20 (quintus).

so for yellow:
bane 3/50 +1, dawa 3/50, gan ju 3/50, kailani 3/50, wu kong 4/70 +10, li xiu 4/64
so i’m going to finish li xiu for now, but then i don’t have any yellows left to ascend…i got c bane 1/1, same for c li xiu 1/1. Should i go for a costume or feed yellows to another hero class?

muggy 1/1, carver 3/9, belith 3/50, berden 3/50, c brienne 3/50, c isshtak 3/50, skittkleskull 4/70, caedmon 2/1, melendor 3/58.
i think i’ll go for melendor 4/70, only got sabina and boldtusk as healers. Afterwards caedmon for sure, maybe something els comes along until then.

2x namahage 1/1, nashgar, 3/50, Azar 3/50, jahangir 3/50, bauchan 3/50, sudri 3/50, hawkmoon c 3/50, 2x colen 1/1, gormek 4/70, boldtusk 4/58.
Finishing boldtusk first, then i go for one colen. First of, do i need 2 colens or is that a waste of ressources? i dont spend money for hero drafts while events so i’m not quite sure. And if i get kelile or scarlett before colen is 3/60 (because i dont have that many blades), should i go for one of the others?

gato 2/8, valen 3/50, karil 3/50, c gunnar 3/50, agwe 3/60, boril 3/60 (c boril 3/1), sonya 4/70.
So, for blue i feel like i’m doing some stupid things at the moment haha. After finishing sonya i decided to go for c gunnar, because agwe and boril were already on 3/60 and i didnt want to spend my asc materials. Then i went for c boril and after getting that to 3/1 i decided to jump to gato some days agos. So i feel like my mats are a bit of a waste on those 2 guys, really waiting for grimm and/or kiril. I’m just a clueless how to go on with my blues.

and for last, purple (pretty hard for me):
2x gill-ra 1/1, ameonna 1/1, quintus 1/1, prisca 3/28, tyrum 3/50, balthazar 3/50, proteus 3/32, tiburtus 3/60, gafar 3/60,sabina 4/70.
So i will go for proteus to 4/70 for sure, such a lovely hero. But what to do next? finish one of my 3/60? and if so, whom? Or should i start my first 5*? i got nearly all my asc mats, until he is 3/70 for sure. But i do feel like wasting so much ressources on qinuts already is not the right way, on the other hand, who knows when i will get my next 5* purple? :smiley:

So yeah overall a lot of reading, sorry for that. I appreciate every idea or tip you guys got for me.


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Great start pal! I’ll try to answer my color:

Yellow - Finish Li for sure. Sometimes you don’t have a color to work on. I would feed yellow to heroes you want to ascend fast or to heroes who’s special skill is already at level 8

Green - Melendor and Caedmon will always be useful. Those are probably the most useful season 1 greens. One you save for Valhalla or Atlantis, there will be better options.

Red - Colen is useful starting out. Honestly you’d only need two of them for war depth. Gormak and Boldtusk are a great pair to have. And yes, I find Kellie and Scarlett more useful than Colen.

Blue - Starting out a rispote hero like Boril is SUPER valuable. I would not take Agwe to the next level, one of the worst 4 star heroes. Boril is worth it and the costume will make him a beast on defense. When you max the costume with him, I prefer the costume removed. His regular skill is better but you still get the costume bonus.

Purple - Yes, proteus is the all star for 4* heroes. Worth the ascention AND emblems. Tiburtus will help you a lot stacking and with titans. I’m not an Ameonna fan but Gafar has his use. Do NOT put any resourses in Quintus. Taberds are precious and there’s a good chance you’ll get a better one by then. The purple legendary heroes are stacked deep!

Hope that helps…Cheers!


I would:

:sun_with_face: Fill out the costumes. They are worth it for the Bonus to the main Hero if nothing else… and Bane’s costume is pretty good for a Rare, as is Bane himself.

:leaves: Sure, Melly’s good, and it certainly doesn’t hurt to have a healer in each element at your level. Two years in, I’m still leaning heavily on my Caedmon; certainly worth the AMs, and for F2P, worth the Emblems, too.

:fire: One Colen is handy, if for nothing other than tile damage. Two is… excessive. Hopefully you will find a Kelile soon… Fire snipers are very hard to come by, doubly so for F2P.

:snowflake: Kiril and Grimm are obviously very desireable, and if you get them, concentrate on them. Gato is certainly worthwhile in your position, although his utility will slack earlier than others. Boril is great: there will come a time when Boril (and Counter in general) is mostly useless, but as F2P that time is likely far away; consider investing in Boril.

:skull: Leave Quintus for now. If you continually run a TC20, you will likely get (any!) other Dark Legendary before you get to a spot where he’s worth maxing.

Generally, hold off on the Legendary Heroes until you have a few of them that you can foresee leveling at about the same time; or until you have nothing else to raise. Titans are a good, daily roll on the Ascension Mats table, so perhaps concentrate on Heroes that can make a contribution there first. Also, although Epic AMs only come for the top 5%, the Tournaments can provide some loot… consider investing in your Rare Heroes to place well in the Rare tournament. By giving just two Rare Heroes per Element emblems, I have done pretty well.


In my honest opinion, I would focus on levelling the following:
Yellow = Li Xiu then her costume and then c.Bane
Green = Melendor and then Caedmon then muggy
Red = Boldtusk and then Namahage and then Colen
Blue = Boril and then his costume for the bonus stats then Gato
Purple = Proteus and then Tiburtus then Gill-Ra
After that come back and ask in the forum
Whichever heroes you choose good luck


Thank you for the replies guys, now I think I got a good idea how to continue :slight_smile:

And now I just got 2 more heroes from my tc20… Guess what, got a second boldtusk and thorne!

So 2 5* heroes in two days, quite a nice luck

Does that change your opinion in ascending? Maybe first the second boldtusk? Leave thorne at 1/1?

Aaand should I keep the second namahage and second gill ra?

Thanks guys :slight_smile:

Edit: and a general question, got about 6600 gems, how could I use them best? :slight_smile:

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Yes a second boldtusk for your war teams etc would be great.
A second Namahage for the raid tournaments etc would also be good.
I don’t think you need a second Gill-Ra
And yes put your 5* on hold until you have at least 3 x 3* rainbow teams on max and 3 x 4* rainbow teams on max
Good luck

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