Which heroes to ascend?

Hi all,

I am an essentially F2P player and have been playing the game for about 10 months. I have already fully maxed two 4* teams and am slowly acquiring 5* heroes, mostly from TC20 training. I have been mostly focusing on titans and building roster depth for wars but I would also like to build a stronger war defense team. I would really appreciate some advice as to which hero to prioritise per colour for further levelling

What I have so far

Green (3 shields/7 tonics)
Maxed: Buddy+7, Caedmon+9
Partly levelled: Skittleskull (3/60), Melendor (3/54), Kashrek (2/41), Tarlak (3/1)
Waiting at 1/1: Melendor, Little Johnx2

Blue (11 capes/5 telescopes)
Maxed: Sonya+7, Kiril+9, Boril
Partly levelled: Grimm (3/36)
Waiting at 1/1: Richard, Sonya, Kirilx2, Agwe

Red (8 blades/7 rings)
Maxed: Boldtusk+7, Wilbur
Partly levelled: Colen (3/60), Khagan (3/65)
Waiting at 1/1: Scarlett, Sumitomo

Yellow (10 orbs/3 darts)
Maxed: Wu Kong+3, Li Xiu
Partly levelled: Chao (3/60), Hu Tao (3/60), Joon (3/70)
Waiting at 1/1: Wu Kongx2, Joon, Justice

Purple (14 trap tools/7 tabards)
Maxed: Sabina+7, Cyprian, Rigard+7
Partly levelled: Cheshire Cat (3/60), Merlin (2/31)
Waiting at 1/1: Sabina, Cyprian

I currently have 4 gloves (which is my usual limiting ascension material) and I am inclined to use two of them for Grimm and Merlin but I think it is time to start working on those 5 stars. I just ascended Tarlak and will take him all the way to max (after I bring Melendor to 3/60). I am also a bit confused regarding yellow and red heroes. I don’t expect Justice to see tier 4 anytime soon as when I get the darts I will give them to Joon so perhaps ascending Hu Tao would be a good idea, even if he is slow. Re the red heroes, I have the mats for Khagan and for a 4*, which would be best for war defense?

Thanks everyone!

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Wait for Tarlak to be 3.70 and ascend him! He is a very good hero :slight_smile:

1st glove: Grimm

2nd glove: Scarlett

3rd glove: Chao is a useful hero but it’s not gamechanging, you could keep the glove

4rd glove: Merlin without a doubt, he is very useful against rare titans, bosses and raid attacks.

For your war defense I would use this team:

Sabina - Buddy - Boldtusk - Sonya - Tarlak


He is slow and that’s really the biggest flaw he’s got, but it’s a big one. Blindness to all is great though. Personally I like him and I can make him work, I use him more than Li Xiu especially during Atlantis hard mode stages and wars.

But I’d prefer to ascend Chao first myself, given your roster I think you could benefit from having another fast hitter. He is pretty durable and he can get some help from Boldtusk to increase his low attack.


Agree with @DaveCozy, plus Kiril would also help Chao as well. Chao isn’t as bad as most seem to make him out to be. He’s no allstar, but certainly serviceable.


Thank you @FraVit93 @DaveCozy @PapaHeavy for your input, much appreciated! Any opinions on Khagan?

I would deifinitely do Grimm first, as he’s a pulverizer, which you lack.

I’d do Hu Tao over Chao. His weakness is slow mana , but he’s much more useful generally I find, and is great in raid tourneys where all skills are very fast. However, I would do Joon over both, however. I don’t have him, but I think I prefer him over those two.

For Green, Tarlak seems really good ( I don’t have him) but I’d probably get Melendor to 3/60 first, as that parks him nicely. You could also wait to do that, and if you get a second Melendor, simply feed him to the first to help max special a bit if that’s needed.

Merlin is the purple choice of those you have, for sure.

I see Khagan a decent amount in war, as well s Scarlett. I think Scarlett will help more generally, so I’d lean towards her.


I think Khaghan is good. I wouldn’t have recommended him pre-v20 but his damage is much more serious now. Slow speed is still an issue though, it’s somewhat made up for by the mana generation buff he gets after firing, but he needs to fire first.

In wars he’s a good tank because he’s an easier 5 star to get, and red is a popular color for tanking. Not as damage heavy as Azlar is though, but more durable.

Do Scarlett first though. She has the highest attack stat out of all the 4* red heroes and she’s fast too. Her atk- is also very helpful for keeping your team alive.


Thanks again @DaveCozy and @Zteev. Tarlak, Grimm, Merlin and Scarlett are decided then. I will wait a little longer for the yellow 4* and level Melia in the meantime, lol. I have been doing relatively well in the raid tournament so far (which I find to be a really nice feature btw and will be even better once the loot is restored) so I will take that into account for my final decision.
Thanks again people :slight_smile:

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