Emblems (Barbarian & Fighter)

Hi all.

To be clear: I’m not really interested in raids, tournaments or alliance war (pop). My focus is on map gaming, events and titans. So please give me an advice which hero could be better used emblemed in these categories.

Barbarian (nearly 600 emblems):
I’m currently leveling Azlar and have a full leveled grimm and an untouched Malosi (I must admit, to this day I still don’t understand how he works).
Currently I favor grimm and after he is fully equipped would I give emblems to azlar (without removing emblems from grimm).

Fighter (54 emblems)
my Colen equipped with complete emblems has not been used by me for some time. My ideal candidate would be Magni, but I don’t have him. Should I transfer my emblems from Colen to Boldtusk, since Boldtusk is almost always around???

In all honesty, I would wait to see if you get Azlars costume before you swap out emblems. But even then I personally would go - Malosi, Azlar, Grimm
With regards to fighter I would say Boldtusk is a must. But an emblemed Colen in a war colour stack is quite a force
Whichever path you choose, good luck


Thank you JGE, but I have two questions

1.) Why would you prefer Malosi over Azlar?
2.) Azlar is a very good hero even without costume, or?

Basically Malosi is good when you take him up against Telluria. And he is very fast rather than slow Azlar.
The way this game is currently going, most slow heroes will be left on the bench and won’t see the light of day that often.
Don’t get me wrong, Azlar is good when he firest, but sometimes he gets killed off before he has build up his special.
But my view is, he will be better with his costume like most of the S1 vanilla heroes

yeah, but this is not a decision-making criterion for me, because I’m to interested in pvp in all his variations…

Then in all honesty it’s down to speed = very fast v slow
Whichever hero you choose good luck

you mentioned events and I would think a red stack has more use than a yellow one. The tile damage of Azlar will help. Keep in mind tho that Malosi could be an excellent hero against final stage bosses (in order to finish - not to place high and compete).
Same argument for Colen. He’s a good choice for events due to his base attack.
Both will do a decent job on titans too. So if raiding, war (pop) isn’t yours… I wouldn’t strip Colen

Azlar is great for maps and his tile damage is among the best fir titans. He’s probably worthy of them in your case. Malosi is a great hero but is primarily raid hero. He can be effective against some pesky map bosses, silencing the status ailments they throw on you, but the emblems really aren’t a necessity for map play in most cases.

For fighter, Colen is great on maps and events but if you’re not using him then maybe it is good to use them elsewhere. BT is probably the best 4 star fighter to most people. Emblems can make him quite formidable in raids and help with titans. If those are you’re only options and you’re only using one, it makes sense.

Also think that Azlar and Colen at the same time makes less sense, and out of the two, you should go with Azlar (good tile damage, good on maps - you can mana pot him etc.)
Emblemed Grimm is also a beast and has great utility, so I fully get why this is a dilemma.

Between BT and Colen: BT is a great all-round healer and buffer, and emblemed he is really superb, you will use him a long time. I would choose him even if you end up choosing Grimm over Azlar.

I know you said raid, tournaments and wars are not your focus. I was in the same boat for awhile and have changed dramatically since then.

Choosing Malosi over Azlar would set you up if the future become different for you.

You have allot of emblems and could spread them around.

There is a sweet spot for nodes so you do not have to dump them all into one hero. Node 7 or 12 would be good for Grimm as that is where the talents increase.

Malosi is going to help you more if you ultimately play raids and challenge events. Azlar though super powerful does not get to fire as much because he is slow.

But in the end pick what works best for you and enjoy the game. Best of luck!!

Yeah, currently I’m doing this for valor. But it isn’t fun for me.

What changed your mind?

Raid and wars brought in an extra dynamic to the fun. There are plenty of alliances that just take the game easy and don’t have heavy cup and team power requirements so it wouldn’t throw your focus off. So I guess in the end I just grew more with the game as time moved on.

Alliance wars do have the fun factor that comes from teamplay. Reaching a goal together, help each other and interact. Raids are primarily the ground where you build Teams and test them. So those two add a different dimension to the game.

If you’ll never do any kind of pvp i would go with azlar and boldtusk in terms of emblems as both are great heroes for events and titans as well as maps.

Malosi prevents one target from applying any status effect to your heroes like Reducing the Defence stat. So he is really usefull in pvp but also against strong Bosses in mapmode, events and quests.

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