Which heroes lower than 5* would you emblem?

I emblemed a couple 4* that I then reset for their 5* equivalent once I had it; Grimm was emblemed and very helpful until replaced by Athena, Triton was emblemed and awesome until replaced by Magni.

Some other 4s will keep their emblems: Wilbur+18 is life on titans, Jackal+15 for obvious reasons, Falcon only +4 which is sufficient (he shares with Frida), Caedmon+10 is a necessity for me and fantastic in his role. BT+7 might actually get stripped one day but not now. Sabina+11 is only for war and my least favorite but no other interesting sorcerers.

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I would add Boldtusk, but this would be close to my answer besides that small edit

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Oops - good catch. Obvious, rookie mistake for me to miss him. Added.

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I emblemed Hansel and don’t regret it at all. I’ll keep them until he gets replaced on my 3/2 green raid team.

I also emblemed jackal and falcon. But not all the way. Enough for some sustainability on titans… which is pretty much worthless now with 14s.

Scarlett’s attack goes ridiculously high fwiw. Not sure if that was mentioned earlier.

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Not a very discriminating list, and several I would, depending on other heroes in your roster, probably not recommend even leveling.

I’m giving emblems to Muggy now. I think he could be fun.

My 4* are the usual suspects, BT, Grimm, Caed, Sonya, Gretal

The rest are 5* for me.

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I have been playing a looong time and while I am C2P, my roster has built up nicely. I emblem 4* to fill in gaps in my 5* and to deal with titans. I decided to put the emphasis on my war defense team first, then second priority was titans, so Jackel and Falcon for their specific color defense down, and Wu because I don’t have Ranvir. Not going with Wilbur yet because his emblems are going to Joon. I am starting Sonya because I want a 5* blue debuffer. I don’t have a 5* blue healer and would do Kiril, but his emblems are going to Hel.

For 4* you can make them an equivalent to a 5* if you max emblem them. E.g. Grimm becomes comparable to Isarnia but better mana speed when Grimm is max emblems.


Some of 4* heroes I am embleming:

  • Rigard and BT. I have no 5* healers, no for lack of trying, so I substitute by them.
  • Guardian Jackal and Falcon. Their unique buff makes their resilience against a titans a key in battles against green and purple titans.
  • Proteus. Emblemed up nicely substitutes Hel.
  • Wilbur. Makes your team last longer and therefore it is important he can survive hits himself before pulling his skill out.
  • Wu Kong, unless you have Tarlak/Ranvir/Miki. Also essential against titans.
  • Hansel and Merlin are great mana controllers, so them too.
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This is the key. You work with what you have, not what you wish you had.