Emblem on 3 star or 5 star

I got ariel all fire up and max. Should I remove the emblem off mnesseus and put it on ariel? I got posiedon max, triton, proteus all max. Working on urensa and atomos…

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It depends on how many emblems you have on Mnessus. If it’s a significant amount than yes, absolutely take them off, if not, then don’t waste the reset token. Remember, the reset tokens are rare and you lose 5% of your emblems every time you use them. I wouldn’t use emblems on any 3* heroes in the future unless you plan on specializing in 3* events, but that’s just my opinion. I know lots of people are having fun maxing 3* with emblems, but I consider it a waste. Save your emblems for your 5* defense and solid 4* heroes.

What would ur 4 star hero worthy to be. Thanks for ur reply.

Lots of great 4*. I would say for sure the mana manipulators like Proteus, Hansel, Merlin, etc. are worthy. Some of the squishy hitters like Scarlett and Grimm benefit from increased defense. Wu Kong is extremely useful against titans but very squishy, so you could consider giving him emblems to increase defense and health. Wilbur is also useful against titans and useful in general. Finally, if you don’t have many options for 5* healers, you really can’t go wrong giving your 4* healers more survivability with emblems. Boldtusk and Kiril are two great choices here and Melendor definitely benefits from increased defense and health, as he is very squishy if left as is and is important as a dispeller. On top of more defense BT benefits from being a fighter, so he can revive and allow you to get a heal off. Those are just some of my choices, but there are plenty more.

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Thanks. Great infor. I will work on that. Would u use all emblem on one hero or spread among 2 with the same emblem??? Thank’s again. 5 star take 50 omg

Looks like reset tokens return all emblems, only using gems takes the 5% away

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I use all emblems on one hero, so I make sure it’s a hero I know will see a lot of use when raiding. Right now my strategy is to put emblems on the 5* that are in my defense team and then all others go to 4*

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Wow! I did not realize that until now. I hadn’t really considered resetting anyone I’m working on, but was thinking you had to have a reset token AND pay gems and would still lose 5%. I didn’t even realize resetting without a token was possible. That’s great to know, since in the future, I may want to pull emblems from a 4* to put on a 5*.

Thank you…good to know. I got one reset button but that is it

Spend it wisely then kwoky :slight_smile:

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