Which hero to ascend

Ok. My current defense team is as follow. Eve,eve,gormek,kiril,& li lux. Have 3 4* I’m trying to figure out which two to ascend. Mainly for war, the map, challenges etc. Sabina,cyprain,& triburtus. And I have 8 trap tools.need some help guys

I would switch one of your Evelyn’s to be away from the other one, maybe switch spots with Li Xiu. You rarely ever want same color heroes right beside each other on your defense team, since it makes it easy to kill them with strong color tiles.

I’d choose Sabina and Tiburtus myself.

Sabina because she heals and dispells. That’s useful in raids and in season 2 map levels where bosses have very annoying effects on themselves and allies. Tiburtus because lowering defense of 3 targets is great. If you like Gormek you’ll like Tiburtus too.

I really like the riposte heroes myself but Cyprian isn’t as useful as those two. He is a decent tank (although Boril outclasses him there) and he’s great for raids to help take down heroes wit damage skills that hit various heroes. But he’s not quite as useful as the other two.

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