Ascension Priorities? Best Defense Team? Same Old Questions

Hey all. Have gotten some great feedback on this forum so I thought I’d post yet another question regarding ascension priorities.

Current Defense Team:
Alby (4/10…contemplating whether or not Druid emblems would increase his shelf life)
Athena +5
Gravemaker 4/76 with a boatload of barbarian emblems coming his way
Rigard +14
G. Jackal +1

I’ve been toying around with my defense team, and have the other following heroes (most used, anyways)

Proteus +1
Merlin +1
Cheshire 3/60
Sabina 3/60
Tiburtus 3/60
Cyprian 3/60

Currently taking Ameonna to 3/60, and I have 14 trap tools and 8 tabbards. Was hording the trap tools with the hopes that I pull a 5* purple, but no luck yet. Would like to ascend one of my other 4 star purples, and am leaning towards Sabina…or Cheshire? Maybe Tiburtus?

Gretel +1
Wu Kong +1
Li Xiu +1
Danzaburo 3/60
Chao 3/60
Hu Tao 3/60

I also have Leonidas at 1/1, with 11 orbs and 9 poison darts. Although I could theoretically max Leonidas, I am hesitant as I’m not sure how long of a shelf life he has…and hoping to pull a more versatile 5* holy in the near future. Are Danza/Chao/Hu Tao worth ascending? My precious orbs!

Grimm +11 (will be resetting him to +1 and moving emblems to Gravemaker once maxed)
Kiril +1
Agwe +1
Triton 3/60
Sonya 3/60

I only have 8 capes and 1 telescope, so I could ascend a 4* blue…but I also have Ariel and Richard on the bench, both at 1/1. Triton or Sonya given my current roster?

Caedmon +1
Melendor +1
Hansel +1
Gaderius 3/60
Little John 3/60

I have Kingston at 1/1, and he’s the next obvious max once I get the tonics (currently at 7 shields and 3 tonics). I also have Skittleskull and Kasshrek at 1/1, but neither seem worth it given that I have a solid tank in Gravemaker (or potentially Leonidas if I decide to pull the trigger). Horghall also at 1/1, but he seems worthless to me. Gadeirus for the attack up? Little John for the mana control??

Boldtusk +10 (what a beast)
Wilbur +1
G. Falcon +1
Scarlett 3/60
Kelile 3/60

Easily my strongest color given that I also have Ares, Grazul, Red Hood at 1/1 and Lancelot, Colen, Gormek and Sumitomo at 1/1. I only have 7 blades and 2 rings. Who should I max next?

If you could max one 4* of each color given my roster, who would it be? Should I pull the trigger on Leonidas given my current defense team? Which 4* are simply not worth investing in? Anybody that I could power level to improve my defense team, titan attacks and event quests? Bonus question - which red 5* to max next once I get the mats?

Thanks for the advice.

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Leonidas is a good hero, i would max him though if you have patience and plan on spending in the month of november, you may wait and see if you get neith

Purple i would probably max sabina for war depending how you run team setups, i normally bring 1 to 2 healers per team. If not then i would probably go chesh to increase titan damage on yellow titans(he drops defense as much as wilbur but doesnt lose the strong color tile damage)

You have 1 scope 8 capes and 2 of the best blue 4s ready to max. I would max sonya and triton. You’ll get more capes before ariel is ready.

I would max gaderius, he substantially improved my blue titan scores then i would move onto getting kingston to 70 and come back to lj in the future


If ares isnt at 3/70, he should be as he is pretty usable at that level

Scarlett would be the 4* I’d max out of the given choices

If you need more help, elaboration, specifics etc

Feel free to tag me

I maxed Alby and put emblems on up to node 6 so far. I can’t see a better long-term use of emblems with a hero like him. Ariel is similar for me. Put her up to node 4.

I typically put most emblems on 4* though, and with your options you might pursue Ariel, Triton, and Proteus for the Atlantis family defense buff (10% with 3). I’ve been running them now for a while with Alby plus a strong sniper against the enemy’s tank. Triton is strong enough that he can do that for any non-red, non-green tanks though.

Here’s Ariel with a lvl 10 4* crit troop, Triton with a lvl 11 4* mana troop, and Proteus with a lvl 15 4* mana troop.


Jackal is poor for defense. Swap him out for Li Xiu or a future upgraded Leonidas.

As for red, Ares @ 3/70 and get Grazul up especially for offense.

Thanks for the fantastic advice…pretty much validated a lot of my initial thoughts.
And then this morning…Atlantis 10x pull…I get Joon, Inari and Ursena!!

Immediate thoughts go to maxing Ursena and Inari for her tile damage, with an ultimate defense team of:
Alby, Athena, Ursena, GM, Inari


Inari, Ariel, Ursena, GM, Kingston?

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Anyone to swap out with inari?

Could use Joon? Inari’s skill seems vanilla, but I see it more as a blind for the entire team. Her tile damage seems pretty up there too.

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On defense i would go joon in the wing

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