Which hero to ascend? Specific case and general strategy

I’m finally getting enough materials to make the final ascension for my legendary heroes, but now I can’t decide which should take higher priority. I have both Lianna and Mother North at level 3-70 and finally have enough Sturdy Shields and Mysterious Tonics to ascend one of them, but I can’t decide which! (I also have Epics Little John and Skittleskull at level 3-60).

Any advice for this specific situation? And also generally, should I prioritize the Legendary heroes over Epics? I’ve seen Anchor’s hero rankings, so should I just ascend the best hero?

If you have the tonics Id do Mother North first.
4* heroes are important and you should level many of them but when you have one of the best heroes ready to be maxed Id say to not wait and just level her.

As a general rule, I’m gonna say no. A deep bench of epics is better than a few legendaries. That said, in your specific case, I think @FraVit93 is right. MN is a game-changer, which neither Skittles nor LJ are. If these are your only green epics, I would have recommended doing them both over Lianna, just because you need that depth, and even the best sniper in the game isn’t worth sacrificing that depth. Congrats on having MN and Lianna, though. Enjoy them.

This is my current green strike team. So I know well the two heroes you’re comparing.

I like Lianna so much I’ve leveled 2 of her.

That said, your choice is easy. Go North, all the way to the pole, because as long as she’s alive and able to cook that sweet sweet porridge, the rest of your heroes have unlimited lifespans.

North changes the game for you, for the better. Start there.


Now that’s just not even fair, @Halifax! Share a little of that green love with the rest of us, for crying out loud!

Thanks a lot everyone for the advice! I also recently got Melendor, but haven’t leveled him at all yet. So I’ve got some good Nature depth brewing.

Agreed that Mother North is a game-changer. I’ve won plenty of battles and raids I would’ve had no chance at before!

You’re really gonna hate my green “B” team used when facing blue tank’d alliances in war… usually good enough to one shot 3800power teams

Are you flippin’ kidding me? That’s brutal for an “A” team, much less a “B” team. I have learned to hate the Buddy tank with the heat of 1,000 suns. And he’s a ranger to boot. I didn’t have the resources to do many pulls last Christmas, but I may even skip using my EHTs on Halloween to save up for some Christmas pulls this year. Is your roster size like 800?

187 … not quite 800

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Xmas pulls are great - Rudolph is a great 3Star and Buddy is a top 4star and both North and Santa are top and very good 5stars.

Victor is really good on offence and Val isnt bad. If you have 2-3 Vlad’s in a bad swarm they can work okay, but otherwise Vlad isn’t very special.

But I’d hold for Xmas as well.

Hold on wait a minute I was here for Christmas last year so you can use EHT on the Christmas portal?
Maybe I should save my 21 EHT for a chance at Buddy instead of pulling for the Summer event.:thinking::smirk::thinking:

Yes, Xmas portal is just like all the others (Halloween, Easter, Summer)…EHTs work.

If you’ve got the patience, yeah. Summer can give you Hissan, the three star horse that can be useful. And a couple decent 5* tanks if you’re lucky, but overall, xmas is superior. And by then you’ll have 40+ tokens, I bet.

Thanks for your insight I do still have plenty to work on so maybe I will do like 5 pulls or just pass on this Summer event and go for CHRISTMAS I would really like to get Buddy & or course either or both 5* that’s if I’m extremely lucky since I got 2 RUDOLPH last time

I have 4 Rudolph’s with 3 maxed. They’re the best hero for most 3Star events, I think

Interesting Rudolph or Namahage

1 Rudolph; 2 Squire; 3 Namahage

Here are my green heroes.
As you can see, I will even ascend a 2nd Mom over Lianna.
Just 1 f…ing tonic missing.
And due to that lack of tonics I maxed epics over legends to stay competitive.

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I got Jack O Hare from that event wasn’t blessed with Squire

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