Mother North vs Kingston

So I have to choose one of these heros to ascend. I was almost certain to go with Kingston but then I’ve read some reviews online and so the newest Anchor’s grading (picture with these two heros below) and I see that Kingston slay almost every category. I knew he is good but I didnt know this much. Anyone can help me with choosing the hero to ascend? I have already Arthur, Hel, Tarlak, Neith ascended from 5* heros to go along with them in my better teams, any suggestions?

Personally I like attack more than passive heroes.

So my personal vote will be for kingston.

HOWEVER, majority of players love revivers and stick them in left wing on defence. Personally I think they’re worse than another sniper but most players swear by them :stuck_out_tongue:

So yeah, my advice is Kingston as he’ll help you out tonnes in raiding, defence, wars/offence as well as titans. Mono I probably wouldn’t ever take to titans and would be less likely to take her in Offence if it meant displacing a sniper/damage dealer…
Just me personally


In my honest opinion, I personally would max Kingston before Mother North.
Good luck

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i love both of them, and i have Kingston already maxed and was lucky to pull MN this x-mas as well. But if you only have the mats to ascend one of them, i’d go for Kingston. Take MN to 3.70 and wait for the mats to max her, even at 3.70 she’s very good and usefull. My opinion.
Have fun maxing

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Kingston is great. He resists burn so he has a built in gravemaker nerf. He’s a fighter which is very annoying in heal-aid wars. He will revive himself more often than you expect and then his hp can tick back up pretty fast. Especially if you use a healer on defense like kunchen or something. His fast mana snipe is usually gonna kill something, provided that your heroes up front weakened the attackers. And his -attack debuff is insane. It’s really really good. It goes to a maximum of -51% attack, but it just totally neuters the opponents ability to win. MN/Alby are great but you’ll see most of the top teams aren’t using healers at all. The best teams are built like Finley, Gravemaker, ursena, drake, Kingston. That team basically tells the attacker “you have 6 turns, win or lose. Hurry up.” Compared to revive heroes or like Guinevere who are just stall tactics. MN/Alby are great don’t get me wrong, but they are slow mana stall tactics. Kingston is a killer :smiling_imp:


I made the same topic on E&P subreddit and its funny how almost every person in there tells me to go with MN and almost everyone here tells me to go with Kingston. Im too confused xD

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As mentioned above, maybe take both (if not already) to 3/70 and then test them both out in raids and see which one suits your team the best and go from there. I have Kingston myself, just waiting on MT to fully ascend. He’s pretty brutal and my suggestion would be him. I do not have MN…yet. So I’m utilizing what I have.

My vote is Mother North. But she is one of the heroes that I would desperately love to have lol

Both is great, and both should ascend.
But for priority if you do not have any green sniper like Lianna, IMO… Kingston 1st, because MN 3.70 is more sturdy then Kingston 3.70.

I have both at +17. Kingston is awesome. But it’s Mumsy that is the difference maker. North wins attacks for you on her own. I run mono and will use my green mono team vs any tank in the game - including red tanks - and win 90+ percent of the time. Because of North

She’s a game changer on offence.

And she’s also ultra strong on defence. I may jinx myself here but I haven’t been 1-shot in war since before Christmas and I’m sure it has a lot to do with North.

Of the two, I’d pick North.


That is pretty solid foundation to have to give this advise. Thanks a lot for that !

Mother North is pretty good at 3/70. I have 2 of her, one maxed and one at 3/70. I also have a maxed Kingston.

It really depends on what you need, but I don’t think you will regret maxing Kingston first.

I’d say Mother North/Alby are excellent in War Defense (and Rush Attack), and ok but not exceptional in Raid Defense.

But in general, I’m a proponent of prioritizing heroes you’ll use actively, and not just on Defense. So I’d prioritize Kingston unless a player intended to use Mother North on Offense a lot.

@Halifax made a good case for that usage on Offense a couple posts up.

I would go MN. Based on your roster, you’re relying on 4 stars a lot. Some of them are probably squishy, but if you have MN at full tank you can win any raid as long as she stays alive to cast.

Also having a proper 5* healer is really important. You do have Tarlak but he barely counts.

But to be fair, Kingston’s skill is also really good at keeping your team alive. I don’t think it’s an easy decision, but I still lean towards MN.

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I see MN, abby or Alazar, I first take out the point then sniper the problem child. So Kingston get my vote. And the more diverse snipper u have the less the can be a pain… The kicker is the board and the flanks>

Mother North - especially with emblems - is really hard for the enemy to kill on offence and defence.

Look at North’s stats in a regular raid with my +20 troop…

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And to my mind, North > Kingston because of matches that go like this…


You find MN great on offense when paired with 4 green fast heroes but what if you didn’t have those?

IMO getting your first 5* green fast sniper is more important.

I’m also one of those that thinks corner revivers in raid defense are actually overrated. Very rarely have problems with them, they die before firing most of the time. Some of the times they go off it doesn’t revive anybody or doesn’t make a significant difference. Kingston on left wing is scarier to me than MN on left wing. The revivers are stronger in war defense than raid defense.

I’d vote Kingston personally

But I think war defence is more important than regular defense and you say MN is better there?

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Mother North as a corner reviver is better in war defense than in raid defense. Corner revivers in raid defense are actually not great imo unless you have both Alby and MN on opposite rings. Corner revivers are massively overrated in raid defense based on how often they are used. 5 snipers scares me far more than a MN or Alby.

However I’m far from convinced that she’s better in war defense than Kingston. Really depends on the synergy of your team.

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