Francine or Kadilen Costume?

The title says it all, but here is some background. My Alliance is running green tanks. Green is my strongest colour. My normal attack team is mono green (Mother North, Eve, Frigg, Kingston, Lianna Co). Sometimes in wars I will even run with a second green mono team.
I have the following green 5* heroes fully maxed: Frigg +20, Heimdall +20, Telluria, Evelyn +19, Kingston +5, Mother North +20, Albrecht, Elkanen and Lianna Co.
On 3-70 I have Jade, Francine, Frigg (2nd), Ratatoskr, Lady of the Lake, Bertila, Margaret, Evelyn (2nd), Mad Hatter, Lady Locke, Morgan La Faye and Kadilen Co.
I just got my sixth tonic and can upgrade one green hero. It will take many months until I get that chance again, so I want to make the right choice. I had initially planned to go for the second Frigg but have decided not to. I expect further nerfs of her. Ratatoskr is very good when using mono green teams, but I feel that other alternatives are stronger. Jade is tempting, she is the weakest 5* ninja, but since I have Cobalt, Mica and Onyx all maxed it is tempting to add her since the ninja bonus is so good. However, I think I have narrowed it down to two heroes. But I cannot manage to chose between them: Francine or Costume Kadilen. Francine has a unique ability and seems particularly strong on offensive. However, I do not often see her and the few times I have fought against her she has not really given me many problems. Somehow, I fear that she may look stronger in theory that she is when using her. Kadilen Co on the other hand is super annoying to fight against – more than you would assume from the stats. But I am not sure. I see that Anchor have given Francine better scores, almost only A, while Kadilen Co more or less gets A- all over. I do not know, both are very good heroes, but whom to choose?

Any input would be appreciated.

C.Kadilen has my vote - fantastic at the tank position.

I have Francine but not C. Kadilen.

Francine I use a lot offensively and since we tank Red she has served as a great flank.

But if I had both… I would ascend C Kadilen (to tank) first

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Of all the costumed heroes, only one has a nerf request thread: C. Kadilen needs a nerf.

As to the OP, there is already a previous thread on a similar matter: Francine, cKadilen or something else?

If you are still not convinced, please read the following:

Enjoy reading…

Thanks. I will go for Kadilen Costume.

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