Which hero gets the tabards?

Real dilemma here. I am a longtime player with 30 some odd 5*s. Not alot of special dark 5s on my roster except Ursena. Have all the season 1s. Recently I’ve been pretty lucky with pulls, picking up Malinca and Lepiota. Also have Grimble on the bench, wheres he’s been for the last year plus. Recently my interest has been peaked by him and his effect on the new-ish minion meta. I really like Malinca also. Very intrigued by Lepiota, she looks like alot of fun. I have seen the issues concerning her vs minions/ghosting and possible adjustment in the future, perhaps.

Would love to hear anyone with some advice and experience using these heroes. Thanks in advance.


I have Malicna maxed with emblems and she is great, this additional mana from elemental link is super usefull, she hits hard and her debuff are nice bonus (the strongest alternative is OP tbh)

I don’t have Lepiota and I fought her onl6 once and she doesn’t seems to be highly dangerous. I think she is more fun to use hero (but still very good).

Take Lepiota to 3^70 and try her in some raids, maybe she os more usefull than I think, and then decide

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I’m going to share my experience with Grimble, as he’s the only one I have.

When he was released, the meta minion wasn’t as popular as it is now, so it took me time to max him. Nowadays he’s a must against most of the minion makers (especially Bera, Freya and Telluria). Besides, if you destroy enough minions, it could give you an extra turn for releasing specials.

I hardly can talk about Malicna and Lepiota as I didn’t face them so much.

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Malicna and Grimble are both underwhelming. They can work, but I wouldn’t suggest them with your 30+ 5’s already done.

I think Lepiota is being overlooked because of focus on other S4, but she’s low-key very good. High end stats and a unique ability to:

  • slap a hero
  • make them sit in a corner
  • they can’t have any mana
  • it hurts the whole time

It also makes it so you can punch holes in defense teams with one shot, and ghost tiles through, which is a very meaningful mechanic.

I’d do Lepiota in a heartbeat.


I’ve liked grimble from the very beginning and he is my most valuable hero now out of 34 maxed 5s… especially if you face a lot of purple tanks in wars. I use 2 of him as off color safety nets

I think this video speaks volumes

Malicna is also very good and highly underrated - she is definitely worth the tabards after grimble. In a purple stack the elemental link is super useful and her special can be game changing.

No experience with leopitia yet but she does seem fun

It’s an opinion. But still… so, so wrong


Every hero has utility. I don’t know why more people don’t scratch the surface.

Referring to OP, with that many maxed 5* heroes, I would ask this - what niche part of the game do you have the most trouble with? As an example, for my alt account, I have no good way to deal with minions, so Grimble would be my choice.
As it is, I’m maxing a Malicna instead to put my mono purple team into hyperdrive. With my main account, Lepiota would be the choice, as it will add that ghost lane to potentially get Alfrike to charge quicker.


I believe you can’t go wrong with Lepiota

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Thanks for the information, comments and suggestions guys. It certainly give me more things to consider. As one person suggested, I will take Lepiota to 3-70 and take her out. Meanwhile, I’ll use the other two (Grimble and Malinca) more to get a feel for them. I’ll make a decision at some point bc the tabs aren’t going anywhere.

Well, I definitely see Grimbles utility. Pretty much won that battle for you. I’ve seen some other vids on a Grimble thread (may have been yours) and am very impressed with him.

Grimble was never a bad hero.

His only crime was being released before Telluria.

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I say Lepiota, she is basically essential to force a ghost so that you can even compete equally with those OP reverse formations

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Thanks for coming up with this thread. It made me review my legendary purples in my roster. It appears I have only a few of them maxed compared to the other elements (my reds are overly abundant with Khagan as the upcoming 10th maxed red legendary and I have his costume). I only have 7 maxed 5* purples (Alfrike, Kageburado, Panther, Seshat, Clarissa, Sartana and Domitia with MCB). Supporting them are 4 maxed costumed Rigards, Ametrine, costumed Sabina, Cyprian with MCB, costumed Tiburtus, Fura, 2 Proteuses, CCat, Gafar and Merlin. My other purple legendary candidates 3/70 Kunchen, 3/70 Quintus, 3/70 Grimble, 3/70 Clarissa (dupe), 3/70 Zulag, 3/21 Obakan, Sartana (dupe), and Domitia with costume (dupe). Currently working on Malicna currently at 3/20. I have 23 tabards in my inventory.

My interest on this thread are the opinions of the forum users here. Thanks to the posters above and those who are willing to share their minds below.


Lepiota is an interesting hero, but I think Malicna is simply an awesome hero both as an attacker and support, very underestimated by many. Easily an A grade hero.

See Malicna in action:


Malicna is essentially a 5* purple Tony Danza without any negative effects to her skill’s dice roll. She’s certainly not bad, but for someone like me who’s not a fan of more RNG on top of the already RNG heavy boards, she simply gets benched. But credit where it’s due I think she is one of only two purple 5* to give attack debuff as part of her special, the other being costume Quintus.

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Wow. That was quite a comeback on that vid. Definitely see her value. This is gonna be a tough choice, but I’m in no hurry. Like I mentioned b4, I’m gonna spend some time test-driving all 3, once I have Lep at 3-70. Already have the other 2 there, but could use some more experience with them.

It does seem, however, that her usefulness may take a hit against reverse, with the tank only being accessable by 1 column. That, and the minion issue make me hesitant. She looks super fun though. Can’t wait to take her raiding. Seems she would have use in other game components though…ninja tower, challenge events, etc.

You have a crazy good roster. Glad to help others in this game with their decisions. God knows others have helped me. Later :slight_smile:

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I’m desperately curious about Lepiota - seems like a stellar offense hero, but less useful on defense perhaps. Her ability to remove an opponent from the lineup for a period of time seems very useful for raids and wars. Given that she can’t ghost the last one, wont be as helpful on titan teams or map stages.

Grimble… ahh, the goat farmer. I have him at 3-70. And he sadly stays on the bench unless I’m facing specific war opponents.

Malicna. Just faced her in a raid where she was the tank. Actually hurt more than I thought it would.

Just updated my lineup in heroplan.io:

Malicna will probably get the tabards when I have enough food. Just ascended Prof Lindenbrock and so I’m a bit low. :smiley:

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I agree about Lepiota, I have no intention of using her defensively. But yeah, her special looks super cool. Haven’t really used her (as I level by color) and she’s only 2-47?, I think. Not terribly bothered about her usage limitations, her utility will probably make up for that in spades.

Btw, who is the hero next to Victor? One of the many I haven’t encountered or bothered taking the time to look during raids (lol) or reading about anywhere. Surely the result of my year sabbatical from EnP. Later VQ.


Myztero. The super secret bonus hero from Tavern of Legends. Could have been a contender, and yet, super disappointing and terrible for such a rare hero.


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