Which hero?

Hi there. Today I received my 6th tabard and I don’t know which hero to ascend. I’ve got Grimble, Sartana and Killhare ready for ascension. I already have Ursena 14emb, GP 5emb and Clarissa 2emb. I would appreciate some advice.

IMO, Killhare is great if you have C.Rigard, C.Tibs, great synergy. Otherwise Sartana is good sniper.

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I will do Killhare. You have already Ursena who provides AOE however Ursena AOE is thought to hit hard to yellows heroes and to counter them and works with a HP cap to do the highest damage.
Killhare hits hard to all no matter how much hp the enemy has or what colour is the hero.

Sartana is good too but she doesnt play in Kilhare league. But well, if you need a sniper shes your candidate.

Grimble only if you struggle against minions teams or if you want to prepare yourself for this new minion meta.

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I would do killhare, she is the real killer

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I would say Sartana for sure if you have costume, a top notch sniper is always handy to have. Otherwise Killhare is a good choice as well. Grimble is good against heavy minion defenses, otherwise somewhat underwhelming.

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Go for Killhare, you will be happy with it :wink: She’s a beast!


Killhare. Sure, but I have a lot of decent fighters with emblems. Magni, Kingston, GP, Delilah.
Gotta make some decisions there.
Thanks everybody for sharing your thoughts.
Stay safe. Keep on playing.

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