Which hero gets the tabards?

I’m not going to make a thing of it as there is a thread for that where most people agree with you. I’ll just say at 4/80/19 he is world’s apart from 3/70 and at my level of competition (top 50 alliance, facing purple tanks) his team is almost always the guaranteed win agains one of the teams that fall into his wheelhouse.

At 3/70 he will often die before having an impact

Back to op #votegrimble


As an update, I put together an odd team… Lepiota 2-45, Malinca 3-70, Natalya, c Melandor+20, Zeline +18, and took them raiding against some of the lower defenses in my alliance. The tp’s were roughly the same 3800-4000-ish. She was really fun to play with… actually froze a fully Mana loaded Ariel on one match, and the small (78) damage caused over a couple turns was enough to kill her. She was useful throughout the raids. I only did the 5 raids, but won them all. Bottom line is I guess we’ll see, but she was very useful and fun to play with. As an aside, Malinca is quite good as well. But Lep’s mechanic is something unique, and pretty cool.


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